Katie Rooney

A long trek back home

Rudy Perecin Mareno always knew he wanted to go back to Brazil. A 2005 graduate, he grew up in Sao Paulo before moving to the U.S. for six years to go to college and work. This summer he sold all of his belongings with the goal of settling in Brazil’s poorest state and starting a […]

On this day in history

Every date throughout the year has some significance – from historical moments to celebrity news to sports trivia. Read below to find out what important events occurred on September 5 throughout history: In 1774, the First Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia where delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies discussed grievances with Britain. In 1882, […]

Students take atypical trips

Forget backpacking across Europe. These globetrotting students learned about their field of study and got their hands dirty. From working at a women’s clinic in Thailand to digging up ancient artifacts in Israel, these four students had anything but typical summer travel experiences. Hibben Silvo – junior, biological anthropology Junior Hibben Silvo spent three weeks […]

From registration to orientation: the making of CI

Not very long ago, freshman orientation at GW was a one-day program where students just registered for classes. That’s a far cry from the laser light shows, horse and buggy rides and casino night activities that now mark Colonial Inaugurations. When Helen Cannaday Saulny accepted a promotion that moved her from the admissions office to […]

The origin of the CI logo

It’s stamped on every piece of paper and every poster incoming freshmen see as they walk to events around campus at Colonial Inauguration. The ribbon-like design officially represents CI – but what exactly is it? Robert Chernak, senior vice president of Student and Academic Support Services, said that most people think the CI logo is […]

The Big Wigs: meet GW’s top administrators

Every University has its head honchos, and GW is no different. Students will hear these administrators’ names again and again without, sometimes, ever meeting them face-to-face or really knowing what they do. Learning about GW’s administrative hierarchy is just as important for incoming freshmen as learning how to navigate campus. Read on in order to […]

Whats the deal with… the CI laser light show?

While the three days of Colonial Inauguration may be remembered as a blur of activities, there is one part of orientation that students never seem to forget: the laser light show. CI Director Renee Clement said the laser light show has been a CI tradition since 1997 and was originally created as a part of […]

Senior Stories: The Hatchet’s intriguing grads of 2006

Each of the almost 2,000 undergraduate seniors participating in Commencement on the National Mall next weekend has a story – whether it deals with academic or personal achievements, social life or post-GW plans. The Hatchet spoke to faculty and students in order to uncover 10 especially intriguing graduating seniors. -photos by Ben Solomon, Nick Gingold […]

MLB picks former GW trustee for Nationals’ ownership

Major League Baseball selected the group headed by Theodore Lerner, a GW Law alumnus and former member of the Board of Trustees, to be the new owner of the Washington Nationals Wednesday. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced the decision in a telephone press conference Wednesday afternoon. The announcement came after more than a […]

GW to post signs asking smokers to back off from buildings

GW officials announced Friday afternoon that they will put up signs outside of University buildings directing people not to smoke near the entrances, conceding to demands in a petition signed by more than 500 students and faculty members that were originally rejected earlier this month. The University’s decision comes two weeks after GW law professor […]