Katie Rooney

Kaite Rooney: It’s time for one last toast

This column almost didn’t get written because I went out drinking last night. You know how it goes – I started out at Lauriol with dinner and some margaritas and found myself trolling the streets of Adams Morgan at 3 a.m. stuffing my face with Jumbo Slice. While that’s how Saturday nights go here for […]

What’s the deal with… the wires hanging from the West End?

The Princeton Review may say GW students live like kings (look at their annual “Dorms Like Palaces” rankings). But take a look at the exterior of the West End – one of GW’s older residence halls – and you might wonder what kind of royalty lives inside. Outside of the West End, wires dangle down […]

The absence of an autism epidemic

When GW professor Roy Richard Grinker’s two-year-old daughter Isabel was diagnosed with autism in 1994, he knew it would affect the rest of their lives. But he didn’t anticipate how much this personal situation would impact his professional life. While a diagnosis for young Isabel’s symptoms – which typically include having problems with social interaction, […]

The veteran students: Former Iraq war soldiers pursue degrees at GW

Sophomore Kevin Blanchard walks down the street like any other 24-year-old, except he has a mild limp. It’s so unnoticeable that it’s hard to believe he lost one of his legs while serving in the war in Iraq. At GW, Blanchard’s like any other college student. He’s taking six classes and spends most of his […]

A different kind of ride

Professor Scott Talan is used to getting stared at on the street when he cruises through the District. Talan, an adjunct communications professor, relies on his red, motorized Peoples scooter – named Wineberry – as his sole means of transportation in the city, making the trek from his place in Dupont Circle to GW’s campus […]

“Fifteen miles on the C & O Canal…”

Seniors Dan Kirkwood and Tommy Siegel, like many students at GW, have government jobs – but unlike most, theirs entail wearing clothing from the 1800s, playing the banjo, speaking in colonial accents and knowing a lot about American history. Kirkwood and Siegel work for the National Park Service as historical re-enactors and give boat tours […]

What’s the deal with… that student who dances all over campus?

Sometimes junior Ahmad Rasheed gets urges to just stop walking and break out into dance. And whenever that happens he does just that – and he never has a problem attracting an audience. Rasheed, a bioinformatics major in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in GW’s eight-year medical program, said his passion for dancing […]

A day in the life …

Every date throughout the year has some significance – from historical moments to celebrity news to sports trivia. Read below to find out what important events occurred throughout history on September 18: In 1793, the first cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol building was laid by then-President George Washington. In 1851, the New-York Daily Times, which […]

A day in the life…

Every date throughout the year has some significance – from historical moments to celebrity news to sports trivia. Read below to find out what important events occurred on September 11 throughout history: In 1792, the Hope Diamond was stolen along with other crown jewels of the French monarchy during a weeklong looting of the government. […]

Trade Center Tribute: Alumna helps organize center near Ground Zero

On the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, GW graduate Caroline Bevan has something to smile about. The 2005 graduate spent the past summer across from Ground Zero in New York City helping create the newly opened galleries in Tribute WTC, a visitor center providing history and personal anecdotes from the Sept. 11 […]