Kate Guhl

A Blaze of “Glory”

Batman and Robin. Lennon and McCartney. Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida. Venus and Serena Williams. All of these duos brought out the best – and worst – in each other. With the release of “Blades of Glory,” a standout film in the ubiquitous genre of homoerotic ice skating buddy comedies, Will Ferrell and Jon Heder […]

WEB EXTRA: Not seeing stars for “Zodiac”

VIRGO: A surprise email or phone call that comes early in the day may be a key to some unexpected good fortune. While you can often be a kind optimist, the planetary energies will help you to express your dissatisfaction with the latest suspense flick “Zodiac.” The film is based on the investigation into a […]

WEB EXTRA: Penguins tap dancing: that really says all there is to say

In 1930, legendary jazz bandleader Cab Calloway recorded a song called “Happy Feet” with his orchestra. Calloway sang of an uncontrollable urge that came over his ten tapping toes to dance when he heard a low-down beat. Before his death twelve years ago, do you think that in his wildest dreams he’d believe his song […]

Lohan finds plastic

Every high school has them. They are overly Mystic-tanned in the dead of winter and wear tight clothes that expose their thongs and excess skin. They have superiority complexes. They are the A-list chick clique, high school royalty. In “Mean Girls,” the new teen comedy from Paramount, they’re known as “the Plastics.” When Cady Heron […]

A quick look at… “Twisted”

In “Twisted,” Ashley Judd stars as Jessica Shepard, a newly-promoted homicide investigator with a keen eye for detail and a fondness for red wine and strangers she meets in bars. She and her new partner, Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia), are assigned to a serial killer case in which all of the victims are men with […]