Kasie Hunt

Column: Evolution versus flying spaghetti

Surfing the Internet last week, I had a revelation. I stumbled onto the Web site for the Flying Spaghetti Monster and was simultaneously angered and inspired. His Noodly Appendage was clearly the creator of heaven and earth, but why had I heard nothing about Him from my public high school biology teachers? Why was I […]

Column: Complacency has no place at GW

An open letter to the newly minted GW class of 2009: Welcome. Since GW is your chosen institution for higher learning, there’s about a 90 percent likelihood you hail from one of three blue states: Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey (OK, that’s a bit of a stretch). If you’re in that 10 percent that […]

Column: Changing the papacy

In recent weeks the media spotlight has focused its harsh and unyielding beam on global Catholicism – softening its glare just a bit for the mourning period. The death of Pope John Paul II saddened world citizens of all creeds not only because of the pope’s considerable human strengths but also because he made a […]

Column: Not the solution

“Personal accounts do not solve the issue.” What issue, you ask? Why, the Social Security solvency issue, that nagging little problem that means by 2041, the retirement fund will be completely bankrupt. Who, you ask, would say such a thing? Maybe the AARP, a Democratic spokesperson, or some other raging liberal organization committed to expanding […]