Karen Knauff

Secrets of the Virginia campus: Driving simulator lab

Tucked off of Leesburg Pike in Ashburn, Va. amid fields and corporate offices are a teal Buick Regal and an old red truck cabin. But they are anything but the average sedan and pickup found in parking lots – instead, they form the backbone of GW’s Driving Simulator Lab. The lab, located at the University’s […]

Secrets of the Virginia campus: A graveyard for crashed planes

The thought of a university campus conjures up images of academic buildings and students intently studying for exams. But GW’s Virginia campus contains one very different image: the 9,000 individual pieces recovered from the 1996 crash of Trans World Airlines Flight 800. The remains from the passenger flight, which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean killing […]

Superhuman Starbucks student

“Triple grande skim mocha.” “Tall pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream.” It’s 3 a.m., the early hours of a Tuesday morning. Senior Ryan Hudnall is running the show during the night shift at the Gelman Starbucks. But in about six hours, he will start a full day with six classes. Tomorrow night he will run […]