Karelia Pallan

Groups unite to raise awareness about Darfur

Two Darfur activists spoke on campus this week urging students to get invovled in stopping the genocide occurring in Darfur . Activist Steven Krieger challenged an audience of about 50 students to take action Monday night to confront the crisis in Sudan. The talk, which aimed at education about humanitarian aid efforts in the African […]

GW gives free holiday housing to student-employees, athletes

While many are busy booking flights home for winter break, about 140 students have decided to remain in GW housing for winter break – with no additional fees. Any student with a job, departmental or athletic commitment can petition to live on campus during the three-week break. While in previous years students were charged a […]

Students try to revive GWTV programming

Two seniors are spearheading efforts to revive GWTV – a student organization that has been largely inactive so far this year. After three months of sporadic programming on the channel, seniors Matt Saunders and Curtis Raye have begun recruiting students to join the executive board of GW’s television group. Channel 6 is on the air […]

SMPA prof., former army general discuss Rumsfeld’s legacy

Hours after the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, journalists and military experts discussed his career and the future of the Iraq War in the Jack Morton Auditorium Wednesday. The event had been planned for several weeks, but the resignation announcement shifted the focus of the discussion to the future of the U.S. involvement in […]

Analysts make predictions for midterm elections

About 40 journalists, Capitol Hill staffers and students attended the Graduate School of Political Management’s 2006 Election Forecasting Panel Tuesday morning on the Hill. The panelists focused on the key races and strategies used by both Democrats and Republicans hoping to win House and Senate seats. The event was broadcast live on C-SPAN. The panel, […]

Italian Secretary visits class, speaks on EU economy

Italian First Secretary Massimiliano Mazzanti visited a class yesterday to tell 14 students about the Italian economy through his first-hand experiences. Mazzanti spoke to students for about an hour on the state of Italian economy since World War II, describing how Italy’s exclusive economic zones and the “economic miracle” helped shape the country’s politics and […]

Parents discuss SJT, new President

About 70 parents attended the annual Parents’ Association meeting in the Marvin Center Saturday to discuss the state of GW and the search for a new University President. After Saturday’s meeting, some parents praised Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, who will be stepping down as University President in July 2007, and discussed qualities they would like to […]

University offers weekly podcast of campus events

Students can now get information on the latest happenings around campus on their iPod. The GWeekly podcast, produced by Mount Vernon Campus Life, debuted Friday and includes information such as the location, time and cost of the week’s events. “Over 10,000 students have read the e-mail each week and we hope to see interest in […]

GW poll reveals country is on wrong track

Sixty-two percent of people think the country is on the wrong track, according to a new GW poll conducted in September and released last week. The George Washington University’s Battleground political poll released last Thursday found that more than half of the 1,000 participants said the country was headed in the wrong direction. The poll […]