Kaden Trifilio

Kaden Trifilio: Amend our non-discrimination policy

This year, it is imperative that this University step up to the plate and add “gender identity and expression” to our nondiscrimination policy. Students have been waging this battle for years, but the administration continues to ignore the issue and insists on placing students’ needs on the backburner. The University has a legal and ethical […]

Search narrows for new CPS dean

A group of 15 candidates are vying to replace the dean of the College of Professional Studies, who will step down Aug. 1. The search for the successor to CPS Dean Roger Whitaker, who has held the post for seven years, began earlier this semester and will finish at the end of June. “It would […]

A full class in half the time

For students in the School of Media and Public Affairs, Carl Stern’s media law course is a flurry of cases, ethical quandaries and reality-based tests. Now condense all of that into one half a semester. Lee Huebner, the school’s director, convinced Stern to come out of retirement to teach a condensed, half-semester version of his […]

Professor traces bipedalism

A GW scientist concluded that a six million year-old Kenyan fossil is the oldest human relative to have walked upright and on two feet. GW associate anthropology professor Brian Richmond and SUNY Stony Brook professor William Jungers conducted measurements of a the thigh bone of an Orrorin tugenesis fossil, which a French research team found […]

GW hosts hunger summit

GW hosted the third annual University Hunger Summit, a three-day conference addressing world hunger earlier this month. Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern gave the keynote address, drawing on personal experiences to talk about the need to help the starving. “I felt compelled to do something (about hunger) was when I went to Central America and saw […]

Knapp, task force talk environment

A coalition formed to improve GW’s negative impact on the environment hosted a listening session Thursday to hear suggestions and concerns from the GW community. “We need to look at our campus as an ecosystem … we need to look at our water and energy consumption as a whole picture,” said Adele N. Ashkar, director […]

Doctors start medical school in Africa

The East-African nation of Eritrea, a country bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia with a population of more than four million, has only five pediatricians. On Jan. 2, with help from GW doctors and Physicians for Peace, six general practitioners without post-graduate training started as the first class in the pediatric residency program at Eritrea’s first […]