Justine Karp

Grad Housing Options: HOVA, Aston and Columbia Plaza

The Hall on Virginia Avenue, The Aston and Columbia Plaza are all on-campus buildings close to campus that house graduate students. HOVA, which was formerly designated for freshmen, has been housing graduate students since 2006. It is located six blocks from campus and has relatively easy access to the Metro. Amenities include furnished rooms with […]

Journalism museum slated for spring opening

The First Amendment is etched in marble on the front of the newly-constructed Newseum building. For the journalism museum’s staff and visitors, it is a testament to why the press still matters in an era of steep decline in circulation and staff cuts. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol, the Newseum is the only […]

Congress to explore rising university endowments

Many colleges and universities work to amass a $1 billion endowment, but some members of Congress worry this trend might not be the best way for schools to utilize their funds and increase affordability for students. Last Thursday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that aims to reshape the college financial system to […]

U.S. senator hopes to make college more affordable

Web Extra A Republican U.S. Senator is hoping universities will find new incentive to dig millions of families – and GW is being used an example. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking minority member of the Senate Finance Committee, has requested endowment data from 136 colleges including GW, as he prepares for possible legislation to mandate […]

Manufacturing a GW education

Several individuals in Washington state are on trial for allegedly producing fake diplomas and transcripts from GW and several other universities. Dixie and Steven Randock are being charged with fraud after investigators busted their Spokane, Wash., “diploma mill” in 2005. Court filings last week added GW to a list of four schools whose diplomas and […]

Journalists debate candidates’ chance to win

A panel of journalists filled Jack Morton Auditorium with friendly laughter and campaign critiques Thursday afternoon as they discussed the close presidential race between Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “The battle seems to be between change and experience,” said David Yepsen, chief political writer for the Des Moines Register. “And now we’re seeing […]

Development pushing out D.C. small businesses

Small family-style businesses are becoming a thing of the past as real estate developers and national chains begin to dominate the market in the District, local storeowners said at a community meeting last week. Washington imposes more taxes and mandatory costs on small businesses than any other state, according to an annual study by the […]

STREATS: Starring D.C.’s homeless

“No smoking on the set! No smoking on the set!” yelled director Greg Wragg in McPherson Square Park Saturday morning. It’s a tough gig for a young director, especially when your actors are homeless. Wragg is the creator of STREATS TV, a television series about the District’s homeless. The program was developed earlier this fall […]

Carpenters protest GW developer

A local carpenters union is protesting the developer slated to work on Square 54, saying the developer has a history of exploiting migrant workers. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters began picketing in front of the empty lot across from the GW Hospital early this summer. The picketers say that Boston Properties, the commercial developer […]

About 350 attend annual Senior Prom

For senior citizens in D.C., spring is prom season. About 185 senior citizens and 140 students attended the fifth annual Senior Prom at Marvin Center’s Grand Ballroom Saturday evening. The Neighbors Project, an organization within GW’s Community Service Office tasked with Foggy Bottom outreach, hosted the luau-themed event which included dinner and dancing. This year’s […]