Justin Petrone

Soul Country blends genres for unique sound

To an average GW student, a rainy March night entails a movie and a couch. But to the musical trio of GW students known as Soul Country, it spells music and more music. These guys bring their instruments everywhere, and tonight, like every weekend night, they’re headed out to another gig, this time at Chief […]

GW band Waterstreet plays Metro Caf? Saturday

We are really trying to start what I call the new rock movement says Christian Brucculeri, nestled in a couch in his O Street pad. It’s rock our way. It’s got funk, it’s got blues, it’s got like a southern feel. A little bit of hip hop, some jazz – it just molds into this […]

Fighting Gravity grooves through flavorful concert

Fighting Gravity, which got its start in 1986 at Virginia Tech, is now on tour to support a 28-track album entitled Hello Cleveland – a look back at the band’s career. Fighting Gravity delivered to the sold-out crowd at The Garage Feb. 4 what can only be called fusion. You could see it in the […]

Tribe Called Quest’s album tracks evolution of hip-hop

Hip-hop, in 1988, was a young experiment with obnoxious beats, gold chains and macho posturing. By the end of 1998, the frontiers of abstract, that only jazz had been able to tap into, had been explored by a party of cosmonaut emcees called A Tribe Called Quest. Born in the basements of Brooklyn and dedicated […]

Widespread Panic puts twist of country on latest album

Diversity classifies today’s music industry. It comes through in its popular music, with different hybrids and styles being revived and explored to the fullest. So some might be taken back by the idea of a straight-up, traditional rock album, but on the latest effort by Widespread Panic, `Til the Medicine Takes (Capricorn), being traditional is […]

Political power comes from violence

At the Web site dedicated to the memory of Officer Daniel Faulkner, the Philadelphia policeman murdered by Mumia Abu-Jamal, you will find a variety of facts supporting the case of the prosecution, as well as a variety of facts rebutting the case of the defense. But the most interesting guilt that is heaped upon Abu-Jamal […]

Tripping Daisy delivers show of unmatched rock ‘n’ roll

It would have benefited the entire music industry to attend the Tripping Daisy concert at the Black Cat Saturday. There, the industry would have experienced a night of flashing lights and raw, mind-blowing sounds that would have reminded it what rock ‘n’ roll is all about. Who would expect the fragile seeds of the 43-year-old […]

Moxy Fruvous shows unique blend of style

Few adjectives can really describe Moxy Fruvous – one can throw words at the band all day long and not one will stick. Moxy Fruvous is not just another step in the evolution of popular music – the band has risen above the rest of the industry. Any band that can successfully synthesize the emotions […]