Justin Peligri

Op-Ed: The benefits of taking a gap year

I implore more GW seniors to seriously consider the idea of a gap year with an organization like Americorps. The term gap year has a negative connotation because it makes us think of inserting a gap in our lives, delaying and possibly even derailing our future plans in the process. But this thinking is dated and backward.

This week’s best and worst

Believe it or not, it is already time to pick housing for next year. Looking for a place to live is always exciting – but also stressful, especially when students start thinking about how they’re going to pay the bill.

This week’s best and worst

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds were likely clogged with Student Association candidate announcements for the past few days. But there’s a lot of other news happening on campus, too. Here’s the best and worst news from this week: