Justin Guiffre

Justin Guiffre: A new look at an old friend

“I hear this bandied about that if you are old enough to fight for your country, you are old enough to have a beer . I don’t think it’s the same type of maturity.” So said Deputy Transportation Secretary Thomas Barrett in a meeting at the Senate in the fall. He has a point. After […]

Justin Guiffre: Involving election losers

It seems almost fitting that a campus that loves elections so much couldn’t stop at just one in deciding the next Student Association president. After an intense campaigning cycle, we will be subjected to more days of fliers, posters and the occasional free water bottle with a candidate’s name plastered all over them. But now […]

Justin Guiffre: Obama’s drug disclosure

The youth voters of America are taking charge in the 2008 presidential elections. In the past, the older voting demographic was the safe bet, always performing on Election Day when the young demographics failed to actually show up at the polls. But now, the surging support for Sen. Barack Obama (D – Ill.) can be […]

Justin Guiffre: Voting for tomorrow

In the past, college students have not been known for turning out to vote to advance a platform based on issues deeply connected to their futures. But even at GW, where Super Bowl Sunday will be dwarfed by Super Tuesday, some students focus so closely on single issues that they lose perspective on what would […]

Justin Guiffre: GW’s 2008 Resolutions

At the start of a new year and with a new president at the helm, it is time for GW to set some New Year’s resolutions. It is also time to be practical in setting a platform for change. When talking to students about what needs to be improved, answers may vary from the ridiculous […]

Justin Guiffre: Time to take action

The inauguration of University President Steven Knapp has rekindled the hopes of students who wish to see more transparency in exactly how our tuition money is being spent. With a new resolution coming out of the Student Association concerning the process of divestment, such a goal seems within reach. As perhaps one of the most […]