Justin Guiffre

Justin Guiffre: More traditions, by George!

Few people may realize that President’s Day is actually neither Abraham Lincoln nor George Washington’s birthday. In fact it will be Feb. 22 that marks the birthday of the father of our nation and the man our school is named after. While there is a bonfire planned, along with a pie-eating contest, I frankly could […]

Justin Guiffre: Let’s be smarter

It has become obvious that America’s smartest investors are not the ones wheeling and dealing on Wall Street, but those that spend their time in class and staying up late writing papers at universities and community colleges. These investors are gaining something more valuable than any share or derivative could: They are investing in themselves. […]

Justin Guiffre: Writing a noble narrative

The first law of thermodynamics states that “energy can never be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred to another body or changed into a different form.” To date, not a single physical reaction has been observed that violates this law. When you wake up on Wednesday, things might not be so simple anymore. […]

Justin Guiffre: Something, Something, Intriguing

Walking to class every morning for the past two weeks or so, I have on a number of occasions been forced to stop and stare at a new piece in the Smith Hall of Art. Some of you will instantly recognize what I am talking about. It is called “Something, Something, Laocoon” by Sarah Koss […]

Justin Guiffre: Pandering produces problems

After reading Monday’s Hatchet story “Univ. reduces class capacities” (Oct. 20, p. 1) I spent the rest of my day sitting in my numerous 20- and 50-person classes thinking about which one among us would be getting the axe next semester when registering. OK, so I don’t have any Monday classes capped at 20 or […]

Justin Guiffre: Twenty feet from the usual

So here I am, up at 2 a.m., as usual. Talking to friends on MSN Messenger while halfheartedly watching CNN, as usual. Trying to ignore the fact I have to get up in five hours, as usual. That’s when a friend who is serving in Afghanistan logs online. Ecstatic as I am to talk to […]

Justin Guiffre: Lingering legacies in local politics

There has always been a sort of distaste for politics in major cities. City bosses manning the controls of unstoppable political machines were once the norm from New York to Chicago and beyond, but after many bitter power struggles, Americans were able to bring these systems under control. Still, it seems that sometimes this long […]

Justin Guiffre: Sidewalk politics

GW students will have a lot of important dates to program into their Blackberrys this year. On Sept. 2, classes begin. Nov. 4 is the presidential election, which for some students is something like Christmas and the Super Bowl rolled into one. On Jan. 20, D.C. will host what is likely to be one of […]

Justin Guiffre: A letter from a freshman year survivor

Dear Justin 2007, This is a letter from yourself one year in the future; a much older and more experienced Justin. It may have been only one year but believe me a lot more happens freshmen year than almost any other year of your life. In other words I know a lot more than you […]

Justin Guiffre: Changing the course of history

Between Feb. 11 and April 22 there are no presidential primaries taking place – a lull for all the political junkies out there. Yet after the madness of the beginning of the year, the media has still found events to report on during the quietest part of the campaign. Somehow, according to many media outlets, […]