Justin Guiffr?

Justin Guiffre: Two strikes, you’re out

This is the first column in a three-part series on GW’s medical amnesty policy. Next week, the author will compare other universities’ policies to those of GW and discuss the possible inclusion of drug use in the policy. The third week the author will lay out the basic criteria for a rewrite of the policy, […]

Justin Guiffre: Put the poor before pot

Every year on April 20, college campuses across the nation become flooded with Bob Marley music and a bit more smoke than usual as students discuss the intricacies of life and debate whether or not “Dark Side of the Moon” was meant to sync with “The Wizard of Oz.” But 2009 is a little bit […]

Justin Guiffre: GCRs aren’t all bad

The other day I was sitting in World History 038, and after a cold trek across campus to the Elliott School, I was less than ecstatic about the exchange of people, plants and animals from the Old World and New World after Columbus landed here. But after a surprisingly interesting lecture, my professor raised his […]

Justin Guiffre: Flexibility for the future

Every year students living in Thurston Hall are given T-shirts that proclaim the infamous sexual habits of the storied dorm. Yet this year’s version reads simply “Future President,” playing on the long running joke that every student at GW will be the next president of the United States. But perhaps this T-shirt holds something more […]

Justin Guiffre: Integrating international students

My first week at GW, everybody was talking about Colonial Inauguration. It is where all the freshmen students had met their friends and been first exposed to GW culture. It has become one of the major selling points of the University, and as the GW Web site explains, “Colonial Inauguration starts your GW years with […]