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Justin Guiffre: Moments worth living

Each year, graduating editors are given 30 final column inches – “30” was historically used to signify the end of a story – to reflect on their time at The Hatchet, published in the final issues of the year. This too shall pass. I’ve thought about this for a long time. I don’t know where […]

Justin Guiffré: Debating legacy admissions

Legacy admissions. When reading those two words, you are likely to have one of two knee-jerk reactions. Polls show that for the majority Americans, this phrase conjures up images of an elitist class of highly educated people taking care of their own at the expense of talented and hard-working individuals. Others look at legacy admissions […]

@GWToday: Stop damaging GW’s reputation

In today’s world of digital hyper-networking, it is clear that self-promotion has taken on a new role. Tools like Twitter are used not only by French rappers claiming D.C. roots, but also by businessmen, corporate firms and colleges. This is especially good for schools because it allows them to follow student dialogue and identify people […]

Justin Guiffre: Defy conventions, do what you want

I hate writing welcome back columns, they are inevitably cheesy and cliche. Yes, you should study harder this semester. Yes, you should make sure to have a social life. Yes, you should balance a life of fulfilling work with equally fulfilling play. On and on columns that preach the above unfold in predictable and uninspired […]

Justin Guiffre: Write your future, start today

If you’re reading this, I envy you. Because you’re probably an incoming freshman, just like I was three long years ago. It also means that you have some of your most amazing years ahead of you. But nobody can tell you what the next four years will be like; that is up to you. So […]

Justin Guiffre: The president of cool

In the wake of the most epic snowstorm D.C. has ever witnessed, I am left with three things: a ton of work I didn’t do, a liver that has yet to forgive my snow day activities and a new outlook on University President Steven Knapp. I could have easily predicted the first two, but I […]

Justin Guiffre: Revisiting GW’s shamnesty policy

Many of our campus’ problems are minor annoyances. Mandatory dining money is always a source of student complaints, 4-RIDE takes more than an hour to respond and, of course, that nail sticks out of the sidewalk in front of Ivory Tower. (Really, how hard is it to simply cut an inch-long screw?) But at least […]

Justin Guiffre: Moving beyond “shamnesty”

Editor’s note: This is the final column in a three-part series on GW’s medical amnesty policy. Two weeks ago, the author discussed the lack of a true amnesty policy at GW. Last week, the author drew a comparison between other universities’ policies and those of GW and discussed the necessary inclusion of drug use in […]

Justin Guiffre: Don’t EMeRG me, bro!

This is the second column in a three-part series on GW’s medical amnesty policy. Last week, the author discussed need lack of a true amnesty policy at GW. Next week, the author will lay out the basic criteria for a rewrite of the policy, discussing the positive and negative changes made this year. E-MeR-G-ed [i-mur-juh-id] […]