Juliet Moser

Juliet Moser: Advice for the ‘youngins’

Hi, class of 2010. My name is Juliet. I could tell you my major, my school or my hometown, but you’ve probably heard enough of these introductions at Colonial Inauguration. Besides, if you were really interested, you could just stalk me on Facebook (tip from an all-knowing senior). I’ve been asked by the wise folks […]

Juliet Moser: Get away from the old days

Ah, 2006. After years of postmodern deconstruction and public rancor over reproductive choices, race and gender – to name but a few contentious issues – women have made enormous strides in the past few decades. The current generation of college-aged women fall squarely in what is considered third wave feminism: we take for granted our […]

Musician KT Tunstall: The right side of 25

KT Tunstall’s Scottish brogue is disappointingly easy to understand. Moreover, she is thoughtful and articulate. Nothing like the bad behavior we’ve come to expect from those crazy United Kingdom-based singer-songwriters. Drugs and debauchery, sure. Black horses and cherry trees? Not so much. But Tunstall’s debut album, Eye To The Telescope (Virgin), gives listeners just that […]

South by Soutwest 2006; Audio in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – Many students take spring break as a chance to both unwind and get wound up, traveling to exotic locales to work on tans or purge livers. But have you ever considered Texas for a spring break destination? No, not the whole state, just that beautifully liberal bastion of Austin, home of Whole […]

CMJ Music Marathon 2005: The hipster experience

NEW YORK – Where can you find Reverend Run (of Run-DMC fame) promoting both his new reality show and the sweet love of Jesus? Or, where can you hear John Hall, former King Missile lead singer of “Detachable Penis” – now a lawyer – discussing the relative merits of Beyonc?? What about seeing funk legend […]

CMJ Music Marathon 2005: End of an era

NEW YORK – Walking through the doorway of this legendary venue, one’s eye is immediately drawn upward, above eye level, where the stickers begin. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of stickers – slapped, neatly affixed, thrown,and otherwise attached – adorn the walls of this rock’n’roll shrine. Before pushing aside a dingy curtain to enter […]

Theatre Review: The Clandestine Marriage

“Love and a cottage?” Miss Sterling’s eyes glaze with boredom as she lifts her chin with contempt. “Give me indifference and a carriage of six,” she declares icily on stage, fingering the pearl bracelets encircling her wrists. Like almost all of the other characters in The Folger Theatre’s production of the 18th century comedy The […]

The Hottest Sex You Never Had

“When I was a kid, I was obsessed with D.C. music,” front woman Alison Mosshart reveals towards the end of her interview, before going on stage at the Black Cat. Lighting her third cigarette in 15 minutes, she smiles shyly, explicating, “I’m really nervous.” Turns out that Mosshart, the female half of The Kills, grew […]

A seamless package

When David Sedaris entered Lisner auditorium he was greeted with wild applause. Rabid and casual fans alike came to hear him read and sign books to promote “Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim,” which was released last June. Sedaris smiled shyly, thanked the audience for coming and then launched into an hour and a […]

The virtue of snap judgments

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13 – Malcolm Gladwell steps on stage, his gently receding hairline overshadowed by the large Afro hovering above it. Sleek, stylish jeans and a track jacket hug his small frame, and his comically oversized fingers begin twitching while a volunteer attaches a microphone to the collar of his jacket. The South by […]