Juliet Moser

Juliet Moser: Mascara is not important for the public eye

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly eat any more Airheads or stuff promise-filled palm cards into our bags, the Student Association elections ground to a halt. Ultimately, students chose sophomore Nicole Capp as the first female SA president in nine years. This year’s election was unusual, not for the aggressive campaigning and grating cheerfulness […]

The Thermals to play Black Cat Friday night

Though “An Inconvenient Truth” won both Most Thoroughly Depressing Movie (best documentary) and Least Terrible Song From a Movie (best original song) during this year’s Academy Awards, anti-Bushites still seek a unifying rallying cry. With the Thermals latest offering, “The Body, The Blood, The Machine” (Sub Pop 2006), imaginations are fired and hackles raised. Like […]

Juliet Moser: To speak or not to speak

Without a doubt, GW is a political campus. From students interning on Capitol Hill to congressmen speaking at the Marvin Center, GW is the school for future policy-makers, movers and shakers. Common summer jobs include campaigning and canvassing, and political science students seem to dominate campus – but maybe it’s just that we’re much louder […]

Juliet Moser: Transparency needs to make an appearance

News of GW’s endowment breaking $1 billion was largely met with apathy among students last week. This number means nothing to the average GW student because we have no context in which to place it. One billion dollars is an enormous amount of money – it seems that we could easily get newspapers back in […]

Juliet Moser: Our campus culture, or lack thereof

GW students have an odd habit of popping up all over D.C. From Congressional offices to the hippest clubs, we help to keep this sometimes-stodgy town vibrant and fresh. If the District’s tantalizing cultural institutions aren’t enough to draw students into the city, GW helps students to engage the city through adjunct professors who also […]

ARTS EXTRA: Combating hunger with competition

It’s “Iron Chef,” D.C. style. Next Wednesday, the D.C. Central Kitchen (DCCK) hosts its third annual Capital Food Fight to raise funds for the work of the Kitchen. Tickets grant access to food samples, an auction and the battle royale. Similar to the popular Food Network Japanese import, local chefs take a secret ingredient and […]

Juliet Moser: Extra fees will hurt GW in the future

Two brand-new 2006 Mini Coopers. A down payment on a house. A three-week trip to Italy, flying first class and sleeping only in historic chateaus. A facelift, some liposuction and a perky new pair of breasts. These are but a few items that whoever is paying for your tuition at this fine institution could’ve purchased […]

Juliet Moser: In praise of GCRs

General curriculum requirements. C’mon folks, they’re not that bad. At least you can rest assured that everyone else has to do them, too. As for me, I’m actually a fan of GCRs and think that we should have more of them here at GW. After you put away the pitchforks and douse the flames, I […]

Juliet Moser: Global dialogue is key

Persians, Indians, Southeast Asians, Americans, Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, students, professionals and government employees gathered at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning two weekends ago on the second floor of the Elliott School building. Lured by hot coffee and oversized muffins, an impressive crowd turned out for the second day of the “9/11 + 5” […]

Juliet Moser: The stuff we collect, the memories we keep

“This is Petra, the ancient rose-red city carved into the mountains of southern Jordan. Here I am climbing up to the tomb of Aaron – you know, Moses’ brother who died on the trip to the holy land. Oh, and this is a friend whom I met with in Amman, and here is where we […]