Julie Gordon

Column: Open letter to SMPA task force

I am writing this letter to express my opinion of GW’s journalism program. I hope that the task force, which is working to restructure the School of Media and Public Affairs, will take my suggestions into consideration. From reading the task force’s report and Hatchet articles, it seems as though many of the original suggestions […]

Departing Seniors: Seriously out of here

Some people say they would rather create the news than report on it. Others are happy to observe events around them and write. I like to think that both are equally important; if we didn’t have the “newsmakers” there would be nothing to report on, but if there were no media organizations, people wouldn’t be […]

Gelman Library may add Starbucks

Students will be able to grab a cup of joe on their way to the Gelman Library stacks next year if GW and Starbucks sign a contract currently being negotiated. University Librarian Jack Siggins said the coffee shop would be located in the current first-floor, 24-hour reading room. Construction would begin in the summer, and […]

Alumnus dies in N.Y. fire

A GW alumnus perished in a fire in his parents’ Long Island home Friday. Mark Bernetti, who graduated in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in history, was the only member of his family to die in the blaze. Friends of Bernetti remember a man who loved life and lived each moment to its fullest. “Many […]

SA readies for run-off

Juniors Lee Roupas and Omar Woodard are set to face off this week to determine who will be the next Student Association president. Executive vice presidential candidates Ed Buckley and Anyah Dembling will also compete in the run-off, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. The Joint Election Committee announced election results at about 8:35 a.m. Friday, […]

Mishaps mark SA election

Technical glitches, paper ballot errors and Metropolitan Police interference marked the first day of student election voting Wednesday. The loss of a number of online voting sites could also push back the announcement of victors until sunrise Friday morning. Students voting in Funger Hall and Ross Hall and on the Mount Vernon Campus used paper […]

BREAKING NEWS:Voters must use paper ballots

Posted: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 12:20 p.m.–Students voting in Funger Hall, Ross Hall and the Mount Vernon Campus must use paper ballots until further notice. The three polling sites were scheduled to have computer voting access, said John Plack, chair of the Joint Election Committee, which is in charge of the Student Association, Marvin Center Governing […]