Juliana Tamayo

Eased rules to push more graduate student research

The University is trying to increase research opportunities for graduate students by making it easier for professors to appoint them as project assistants The move comes as GW, en route to becoming an improved research university, tries to shed outdated practices. Professors will be able to appoint graduate students as research assistants more informally, removing […]

Nursing, business schools create leadership program

A new program in the GW School of Nursing this fall will teach entrepreneurship and finance skills to help students become better hospital leaders. The nursing school, the University’s newest and smallest college, is launching its first executive leadership program in conjunction with the GW School of Business to design coursework and teach classes, as […]

Interim dean takes on permanent role at medical school

Correction appended More than two years after Jeffrey Akman was named interim dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, he was announced Monday as the permanent leader of GW’s most selective and richest school. The move was one made with urgency after hastening by top administrators in the fall following two years without […]

Nursing school looks to expand online programs

Since Danielle Melican started working the night shift at a New Jersey hospital, she has tried to squeeze in her GW School of Nursing class work between seeing patients at 2 a.m. Melican, 38, became one of only three students piloting the nursing school’s online accelerated master’s program, which GW’s newest school wants to grow […]

Public health cap harnesses demand

As schools across GW look to grow their enrollments, the population in the undergraduate program in the School of Public Health and Health Services – one of GW’s most competitive programs – is held down by a student cap imposed by the Board of Trustees.

Medical school expands stress relief programs

The medical school is expanding its health and wellness offerings this fall to help students endure four taxing years of academics and hospital rotations. The School of Medicine and Health Sciences added workout gear like hula hoops and dumbbells to its library and began offering Zumba, yoga and cooking classes to de-stress students faced with […]

Adjuncts rally neighboring schools

A GW adjunct professor is leading the effort to unionize part-time faculty across D.C.-area universities to get a stronger voice in salary negotiations. With American University adjuncts voting to unionize last semester and Georgetown University part-time professors beginning to organize, GW’s adjuncts would benefit from the citywide effort, adjunct professor of music Kip Lornell said. […]

Researchers decode health care law

As the Affordable Care Act enters a critical phase and government workers pore over its regulations, they are leaning on GW public health researchers to help put the controversial law in place. Health Reform GPS, a website run by researchers in the School of Public Health and Health Services, is a “one-stop shop for Affordable […]