Joshua Hock

QuickTakes: “Legion”

“Legion” Georgetown Loews (Action/Adventure, Horror; R) As writer and director, Scott Stewart must claim responsibility for “Legion.” His film tells the story of an apocalyptic adventure had by the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany), who goes rogue after God decides to repeat the biblical purge of humanity. This time, He’s sent a “legion” of angels to […]

Short films, big ideas

Bigger does not always mean better. That’s what area artists proved at the D.C. Shorts Film Festival this week, an annual event that brings together local filmmakers. “In all seriousness, audiences like films made for shoestrings as much as, if not more than, the blockbusters,” said Jon Gann, the founder of the event. “They’re different […]

Joshua Hock: The right decision

Conservative GW students seem to have been rather quiet about the recent dismissal of gay freshman Todd Belok from the school’s NROTC program. I suspect that it is because they are afraid of the accusations of bigotry that would inevitably follow any defense of NROTC’s actions or the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that it […]

Joshua Hock: “University Writing” off students as unprepared

Time is of economic consequence; though normally understood, this fact has gone ignored by some of GW’s loftier officials. Specifically, the blunder is evident in misguided policies requiring all students to take a course in an ambiguously titled “University Writing Program.” Students, usually in their freshman year, earn four credit hours for their conscripted participation […]

GW mulls semester of D.C. service

University officials are considering implementing a program that would allow GW students to live in D.C. neighborhoods outside of Foggy Bottom for a semester and earn credits through service-related work. The “semester of service” program would invite students to live with host families in one of D.C.’s many neighborhoods where they would provide service to […]

Administrators plan to map volunteerism

GW students, faculty and staff performed more than 52,000 hours of community service in the District last year, and University officials are brainstorming ideas for a database that maps such volunteerism in the area. Administrators plan to create a comprehensive program that will combine data to produce a map showing where GW has engaged in […]

Norton, experts explain economic crisis to D.C. residents

Web Extra Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., assembled a panel of experts to help clear up D.C. residents’ concerns about the economic crisis during a forum Tuesday night on Capitol Hill. The congresswoman said the nation’s legislators “are all just feeling (their) way” in the financial crisis. W. Chris Smith, a property developer in the […]