Josh Stager

Departing Staffer: Josh Stager: From GWorld to the real world

I remember reading these departing seniors columns in years past, filled with wistful anecdotes, contemplative ruminations and plenty of nostalgia. The seniors were headed off into the “real world,” and their columns suggested a certain elder wisdom, a Zen-like view of The Hatchet past, present and future. Now it’s my turn – and I realize […]

It’s the economy, stupid

Ten years ago, a 25-year-old without a stable job and still living with parents would have been called a “slacker.” A decade later, the term is about as outdated as flannel shirts and grunge music. Today, 20-somethings who haven’t accepted grown-up roles are “emerging adults” attempting to find a path from adolescence to adulthood. Social […]

A second adolescence

After three years of classes, exams and internships, Brianna Taylor had a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada and was ready to put it to use. She had long dreamt of law school, but at 21 years old, she packed her bags and left her Las Vegas home for the one place she knew […]

Column: Mister electability

Following Iowa’s caucus shake-up six weeks ago, a slogan emerged to describe new Kerry supporters: “Dated Dean, married Kerry.” With Dean now officially out of the picture, many Democrats appear ready to seal the deal with the Massachusetts Senator. What, exactly, is Mr. Kerry’s appeal? Kerry courted Democratic primary voters almost entirely with his “electability,” […]

Kalb talks war coverage

Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clark and New York Times White House Correspondent David Sanger headlined a discussion on the media’s coverage of the war Monday at the GW-sponsored Kalb Report. About 350 people, including many students, packed the National Press Club for the event, “The War in Iraq: Journalism’s Role and Responsibilities.” Bill Plante of CBS […]