Josh Riezman

Column: Grading on keg curve

It baffles me that the University of California at Santa Barbara is ranked the 47th best college in the country by the U.S. News and World Report, while GW did not break into the top 50 this year. There is no reason that UCSB, a school notorious for non-stop block parties that degenerate into sloppy […]

Column: Complaining from the lap of luxury

I read a story last week about the new residence hall in the Elliott School of International Affairs. The rooms are immaculate, they might be some of the best in the entire country and the views, which include sights of the memorials and the capitol, are most likely the best out of any dorm in […]

Column:Keeping the chess club off drugs

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling for mandatory drug testing of public high school students in extracurricular activities is the latest decision in a series of rulings that attacks the Fourth Amendment rights of minors. The ruling is so backwards and counterproductive that one dissenting Supreme Court judge went as far as to call it “perverse,” […]

Protesters practice new brand of synergy

Foggy Bottom awoke early to the sounds of motorcades and police sirens Saturday, the first day of a weekend of scheduled protests. Blocks away, the first demonstrators gathered outside the World Bank in the shadow of a large, inflatable globe with the words “for sale” printed on the side. At 18th and H streets, where […]

NEWS BRIEF: B.E.T. announces GW Busta Rhymes concert

Although the Program Board has remained tight-lipped about this year’s Spring Fling concert, a Black Entertainment Television broadcast Wednesday announced a Busta Rhymes show at GW that day, April 27. Program Board organizers said they are securing street permits for H Street because the event falls during the law school’s reading week, bumping it from […]

Post, residents miss GW story

In a new spin to an old dispute, Chris Shea’s April 7 article “Building the Imperial University” appeared in The Washington Post Magazine Sunday discussing resident’s quips in the dispute between GW and Foggy Bottom over GW’s expansion. In an ongoing dispute, residents in the article contend that the University has become an “objectionable” presence […]

Cost of not seizing day

With thousands of students enrolling in the Elliott School of International Affairs to learn about happenings in the world, and thousands more coming to GW supposedly because of the advantages of going to school “at the center of it all,” it is surreal that only a handful of students show up for important and unique […]

Theft victims to receive money

At least two more instruments were reported stolen last week from the music department despite repeated theft reports since Winter Break and requests from the department chair for tighter security. GW may start reimbursing theft victims for costs of stolen instruments students’ insurance will not cover, Risk Management Director Barry Dempsey said. Freshman Adam Silverman […]

GW hosts secret political talks

Chechen and U.S. State Department officials secretly discussed political solutions to conflicts in Chechnya at GW last week, a State Department spokesman said. Chechen Foreign Minister Ilyas Akhmadov and the Russian desk officer from the State Department met at GW because President George W. Bush was worried an open meeting between the two on government […]

Kapoor delivers state of SA

Student Association President Roger Kapoor said the SA this year has a hand in virtually all aspects of student life, from academics to contraceptives, rather than setting its sights on one main issue. Delivering his “State of the SA” speech to the Senate Tuesday in Thurston Hall, Kapoor said the SA has reacted to student […]