Josh Riezman

Departing editors: A lesson in contradiction

“The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don’t have it.” – George Bernard Shaw The dichotomous nature of students at universities like GW is not well documented. I was thinking about this as I finished a 15-page research paper on the evolving nature of self-reliance in Chinese energy security policy […]

Column: Fighting against ourselves

I once thought the war on drugs was the United States’ most self-defeating policy – until recently, when the war on terrorism stole that prize. The effectiveness of the war on drugs is not entirely stunted by the government’s own hypocrisy, unlike the war on terrorism. This newer war circuitously spends money on fighting terrorists […]

Column: Meet Joe Country and Jim City

Joe Country lives in rural America, gets his news from Fox and commentary from Rush Limbaugh on the radio on his way to work. He attends church more than once a week and often discusses issues important to him with a group of church friends every Sunday after services. During the day, he follows the […]

Column: Losing the symbiotic relationship with students

While Aramark, GW’s dining services provider, began the year optimistic about business at GW despite the creation of Colonial Cash to replace meal points, it is now apparent that all is not well. The company’s revenue is down at least 30 percent. The inevitable fallout of Colonial Cash has begun. Colonial Cash has put Aramark […]

ColumnThe administration that cried wolf

Before the war in Iraq, the Bush administration cried out over the hill to the townspeople that a wolf was on the verge of attacking the sheep. They told the American people that Iraq possessed weaponry making it an immediate threat to U.S. security. The administration said Iraq had a well-developed nuclear program that presented […]

Column: Where are GW conservatives?

A letter to the editor in today’s edition (“Diversify opinion,” p. 5) brings up a serious point about Hatchet opinion content – it so far has been nearly void of conservative expression. It is important to note, however, that not one conservative submission has been turned away in favor of more liberal content – there […]

More to GW than CI portrays

There is nothing worse than the kindergarten teacher-like demeanor of the Colonial Cabinet at Colonial Inauguration. The last thing incoming students need is an idealistic, super upbeat, completely positive assessment of what is to come in their next four years in D.C. If you haven’t figured it out by now, GW is not simply what […]

Column: Trimesters may be the only answer

We should all pray GW wins its case in D.C. court against the Board of Zoning Adjustment’s housing mandate. If the University loses, students may be forced to attend school in the hot and humid D.C. summer. The problem is one of simple arithmetic. Combine GW’s growing student population with excessively strict BZA restrictions and […]

Column: The increasing prevalence of student discontent

As the University winds down for spring break, it comes as a welcome break to administrators, whom are increasingly the subject of student criticism. Letters to The Hatchet expressing dissatisfaction with recent University policy decisions are swelling in number and turning more negative in attitude. Students are fed up with the administration and it is […]

Column: Latest Ecstasy study misleads public

Recent government-funded research into the effects of Ecstasy applies truth-bending scare tactics that attempt to frighten the public about the “horrors” of the drug instead of using responsible scientific evidence to prove truths. These researchers should be up-front with the facts and the serious problems in their methodology that lead to misleading results. In a […]