Josh Hock


“A Serious Man” Landmark’s E Street Cinema (Comedy; R) The Coen brothers’ latest project is a comedy of biblical proportions – literally. Their new film, “A Serious Man,” is molded around the plot structure of the book of Job. For those who have been remiss lately in their scripture studies, the tale teaches that mere […]

On ghosts and glamour

No matter that it’s Halloween – if you’re looking for a fright or want to admire couture costumes, check out sophomore Josh Hock’s reviews of what’s playing in District movie theaters this weekend. “Paranormal Activity” Georgetown Loews – (Horror; R) Roger Ebert once alleged that he considered himself and audience members to be “smarter than […]

Josh Hock: Average Joes or Average Einsteins?

In the long-standing tradition of modern academics, the letters “A, B, C, D and F” have seemed to hold greater meaning alone than composing words. Yet, the phenomenon of “grade inflation” has forced some to question the value of letter grades and thus the merit of students’ academic records. Consistent and widespread reports featured in […]