Josh Gerben

Media professionals offer career advice

Professionals from the news and entertainment industries visited GW to speak to students Friday at a daylong symposium coordinated by the School of Media and Public Affairs. The event, called Media 2000, focused on women in the industry in honor of Women’s History Month and gave students an opportunity to discuss careers with professionals in […]

Student experiences life aboard a U.S. nuclear submarine

GW graduate student Kurtis Cooper said he was constantly terrified of the possibility of a nuclear holocaust while growing up. He said he was glad when the government ranked the cities that would be struck first by a nuclear attack that his hometown was never among them. The week before Thanksgiving, Cooper got the opportunity […]

Colleges seek minorities to add diversity

When freshman Sean Jamison was applying to schools, GW was the last place he thought he would spend his college years. He was recruited by top-tier schools on the East coast, was offered free trips to university campuses and was being treated like a king – just about everywhere but here. The only reason I […]

Students learn about Jewish faith

Students should be aware that they are prime targets for religious missionaries wanting to change their beliefs, a speaker told students Tuesday at a discussion about the group Jews for Judaism. College campuses are places of large transition times in many students lives where they are constantly evaluating their beliefs, said Scott Hillman, the educational […]

Cultural groups invite outsiders

Jessica Falcone, a first-year graduate student, said she began her obsession with Indian culture in high school. Since then, her obsession has earned her full-fledged addict status, she said. I’m just a regular white person obsessed with Indian culture, Falcone said. My parents are extremely confused by me. And I cannot even put my finger […]

Speaker addresses prospects for peacein the Middle East

A Palestinian member of the Israeli Parliament described what he termed the Pepsi versus Coca-Cola elections for prime minister earlier this year in the Marvin Center Sunday. Israeli Parliament member Azmi Bashara said, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, the prime minister candidates were virtually identical when it came to their ideas about the peace process. Bashara […]

Students advise consumers

Students could be misled by the “Made in the U.S.A.” tag on some GW clothing, said members of the Progressive Student Union at an on-campus public meeting on sweatshop issues Thursday. Many times clothing items with that label are produced by workers who are paid less than minimum wage and who have few civil rights, […]

Senator addresses campaign finance

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) spoke to the GW College Republicans Wednesday night about how he made decisions about the most recent and controversial bills in the Senate. He said that the campaign finance reform bill, filibustered by the Senate Monday, was created more for publicity purposes than for the good of the country. This was […]

War hero tracks lives of U.S. traitors

Ted Pierce sits in his Falls Church home, wondering if the truth will ever be told. His living room is filled with FBI files stamped “secret,” posters that trace the lives of people he claims are American traitors and newspaper clippings that he believes support his theory. Pierce, or “Coach” as he likes to be […]

Students take notes with the National Symphony Orchestra

When junior Lindsey Ferris first heard Oliver Messian’s “Quartet for the End of Time” in her honors symposium class, she said she thought it was a random compilation of depressing noise. Ferris and more than 100 students analyzed the piece with five members of the National Symphony Orchestra at the symposium organized by the University […]