Josh Akman

Josh Akman: Writing my GW memoir

I’m fairly jealous of departing Hatchet editors, and how they get to write cool memoir-type final pieces. I’ve only met a couple of these editors, but reading their goodbye notes makes me almost as sentimental as when I Youtube Harry Kalas’ call of the Phillies winning the 2008 World Series which, for clarity’s sake, I […]

Josh Akman: On the art of disagreement

As the new decade has officially begun, and the countless retrospectives commemorating the last one have mercifully finished, please forgive a final brief observation on the decade that was – it was disagreeable. Flying under the radar among the more exciting descriptions and portrayals of our culture is the undisputable fact that we seem to […]

One last memo to GW

Usually, when I send in my tuition checks to GW, I try to include a little humor. On the check’s memo line, I like to leave a little message – something like “Enjoy my $50,000, now you can buy yourself almost two full lunches at J Street,” or “Here’s a year’s tuition, maybe I should’ve […]

Josh Akman: Relishing the irrelevance

The Student Association is trying to pass a new constitution. I hadn’t thought much about it before last week, when a harried, frazzled SA representative came up to me in J Street. The exchange went something like this: Harried, Frazzled Rep – Can you sign this petition? Me – What’s it for? Harried, Frazzled – […]

Josh Akman: The real senior class gift

Early Friday morning, after a night out in Dupont Circle, I walked home to my apartment in the Winston House. Like every other night, I passed a group of about 20 homeless people, huddled together under the canopy outside of my building. I made eye contact with a girl, about my age, crouching in the […]

Josh Akman: Surviving the LSATs

In the recent past, I haven’t been a whole lot of fun to be around. I was moody, irritable, distracted, and frustrated. I got angry for no reason, I cried at even the most un-sentimental TV commercials and, more than once, I turned to alcohol. But luckily, I’m back. I’m not angry anymore, I’m crying […]

Josh Akman: A collegiate identity crisis

In the months leading up to my freshman year at GW, I experienced something of an identity crisis. The crisis, though, wasn’t with my identity – it was with the identity that I was encouraged to create. I was an 18-year-old diehard sports fan who enjoyed sarcasm, politics, Will Ferrell movies and Mexican food. The […]

Josh Akman: A new era for the SA?

Student Association President-elect Julie Bindelglass has a tough job ahead of her. After being two votes shy of losing the presidency straight away, she just barely won the run-off. What’s worse, the runoff took place without the inarguable favorite, who was controversially kicked off the ballot. Now, she must face the new “Abolish the SA” […]

Josh Akman: Case not closed

In the past month, our campus has been assaulted with three high-profile robberies. First, sometime around Jan. 19, more than $7,000 was stolen from a student’s room in Mitchell Hall. On Feb. 5, two ski mask-clad thieves walked into Ivory Tower, forcibly broke into Pita Pit and stole $5,000. Four days after that, the DACOR […]

Josh Akman: Hail to the chief?

In the wake of the controversial administration of former President George W. Bush and the criminal allegations against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Americans have plenty of reasons to distrust our chief executives. Not only is the way that our executives govern questionable, but the standard to which we as citizens hold them seems to be […]