Joseph Pollak

INTERVIEW: Chuck D talks race wars and rap

We know he’s old school, but who knew rapper Chuck D would be a completely different breed of gangster? Voice cracking after two and a half hours of public speaking, Chuck is lively and excited as he works his way around a post-performance reception. Making sure to shake everyone’s hand, he makes small talk with […]

Kiki and Herb: You new favorite transvestites

Imagine an old lounge singer strutting across stage trailing a silk scarf that conveniently covers her Adam’s apple. Her large blond wig is secured by a rhinestone-covered bow. Her accompanist is furiously pounding the keyboard. She looks into the audience, brings the purple-topped microphone to her lips and opens her mouth. “Wu-tang, motherfucker!” It is […]

Clippers and Curls: Cube hits up Barbershop

What does it take for a small barbershop make it — a good pair of clippers, a big smile and a quick tongue? It’s a place where tragedy mixes with comedy as hair drops to the floor. You can’t get this kind of service in the mall. If you want the real deal, you must […]

Professor Gerson leads lawsuit against Saudis

The government of Sudan, three members of the Saudi royal family, seven banks and dozens of Islamic charities and organizations got a wake-up call from one of GW’s professors this summer. Professorial lecturer Allan Gerson is currently leading a multi-trillion dollar lawsuit on behalf of families of September 11 victims. Gerson is seeking compensation from […]

Ross calls for negotiations

Ambassador Dennis Ross mostly blamed Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat for the Palestinians’ plight and denounced Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s military tactics before a crowd of about 75 students Sunday in the Marvin Center. Students in attendance said they were disappointed the event was not more of a forum on the issues. “Palestinians are […]

Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy Team up for action/comedy

Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro, together? It’s crazy – so crazy it might work. Warner Brothers’ Showtime, which teams up the two legendary actors, is quite enjoyable. Although hampered by a predictable script, Showtime has fresh jokes and quality acting. De Niro (15 Minutes) stars as Mitch Preston, a no-nonsense cop. Murphy (Shrek) plays […]

Singer slate packs senate

With only two undergraduate senators returning for another year in the Student Association, recently elected senators said they will bring a fresh perspective to SA. Members of the “Working for Us” slate, which elected eight of 10 senate candidates along with Executive Vice President-elect Eric Daleo and possible President-elect Josh Singer, said they are open […]

Hilarium lacks

Saturday night, Lafayette Hall, 12 a.m.: A group of students on the seventh floor called the new party board game called “Hilarium” lame. Victims asked for a restraining order and for the game to be removed from production. Suspect was described as a major toy and game manufacturer named Mattel. Open Case. Hilarium is similar […]

Scholar calls for Islamic Reform

Israeli terrorism expert Yigal Carmon’s remarks about the religious roots of terrorism met opposition from some in a standing room-only crowd in the Marvin Center Wednesday night. “What happened on September 11 is a mystery to many,” he said to a crowd of about 100 people, which included Jewish and Muslim students. “What happened on […]

Expert profiles terrorist

Despite common American impressions, terrorists are “psychologically normal” and do not violate their interpretation of Islamic law by participating in suicide bombings, terrorist expert and GW professor Jerrold Post told students Wednesday night in Funger Hall. “(Terrorist) groups expel disturbed people because they are a security risk,” Post told a crowd of about 70 people. […]