Joseph Gidjunis

Students give new shoes to needy

Jif creamy peanut butter, Campbell’s Soup and green beans, all packaged in industrial size containers – these are items the D.C. Central Kitchen receives more than 2,000 pounds each day, but it’s the things the kitchen doesn’t get that it really needs. When GW Hillel students organized a month of hunger and homelessness awareness projects, […]

Alexandria: A town under the tide

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 20 – It’s a smell people just couldn’t put their finger on. A combination of things – stale food, dry air, crusty water – it lingered throughout Old Town Alexandria. It was in carpets, clothes and even cash registers. Residents and businesses opened up their windows, brought in high-powered dryers and hired […]

SSN use causes student concern

GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said the University is moving toward assigning student identification numbers without using Social Security numbers to protect students’ identities in response to student and parent concerns. The nine-digit Social Security number is the most commonly used record keeping identifier in the country and is used on many college campuses across […]

SSN use puts students at risk

Universities that use Social Security numbers as identification could be baiting thieves to steal students’ identities, security experts say. Identity theft, a crime in which an imposter obtains information such as a Social Security number to obtain credit or services in the name of the victim, is becoming an “epidemic” said Linda Foley, executive director […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Day features notable speakers

Political leaders and journalists including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Helen Thomas encouraged student leaders from around the country to stay engaged in politics Tuesday. More than 100 university student government presidents and newspaper editor-in-chiefs attended the first annual Democracy Day hosted by GW’s Graduate School of Political Management. Students discussed contemporary democracy while commemorating […]

SA loses $50K

The Student Association cannot account for more than $50,000 of its budget after overdrawing its account last year, the SA announced Monday. The figure makes up more than one-eighth of their total budget and breaks down to $3 per student based on the SA $1-per-credit fee. Senators and executive financial officials are baffled and unable […]

Protesters swamp Ellipse

Palestinian supporters dominated demonstrations Saturday as an estimated 75,000 protesters crowded the National Mall and Ellipse for a weekend of protests during the biennial International Monetary Fund and World Bank conference. At least three GW students were arrested in connection to the weekend’s events. Demonstrators gathered to protest the war in Afghanistan, U.S. aid to […]

SA president-elect discusses goals

Newly elected Student Association President Phillip Robinson set up hefty goals for his platform but said he has the initiative and support to see them carried out. Robinson said his first priorities are to make sure an SA phone help hotline is set up, the new Elliott School of International Affairs residence hall is open […]

Robinson wins run-off

Phil Robinson took 59 percent of the vote to become Student Association president after a run-off election that attracted more voters than the regular election. Robinson lost last week’s election by 9 votes, but defeated junior Josh Singer in the run-off. It drew 2,485 voters, 329 more than last week. Robinson, a junior, jumped in […]