Joseph Daniel Ura

`Great Communicator’ turns 90

Tuesday was former President Ronald Reagan’s 90th birthday. As we move forward into the new century, it is fitting that we reflect on the remarkable life he lived, the bold leadership he offered our nation and the world at the crossroads of history and the powerful vision of America he left as his legacy. Ronald […]

Public prayers allowed

While we are certainly right to be zealous in our protection of the separation of church and state, the editorial in last Monday’s Hatchet, “Disunion of Faith,” was particularly bizarre in its paranoid tone and anti-religious bias. Clearly, The Hatchet does not have a firm grasp of the reality of the relationship between the American […]

Liberals mad at Bush in Ashcroft fight

John Ashcroft is the most qualified nominee for attorney general ever presented to the Senate. His career is distinguished by the quality of his leadership, integrity and dedication to service. Ashcroft is conservative but not reactionary. While liberals may disagree with Ashcroft’s stances, it is irresponsible to assault Ashcroft’s record as Drew Holland did in […]

Counteracting the PC culture

I am certain that the faculty of this university’s Women’s Studies Department, as well as a great number of other members of the faculty and staff of this university, must be genuinely shocked to read a satirical column in an independent student newspaper. However, with all due respect to Professor Morris and the other members […]

Constitution permits public prayer

Recent events have focused a great deal of attention on the issue of prayer and religion in public schools. Efforts in several states to display the Ten Commandments in public schools are combining with a pending Supreme Court case involving student-initiated and student-led prayer at high school sporting events to foster a national discussion on […]

As gun ownership falls, homicides rise

Since my rebuttal to Lora Machel’s article (“Cold truth about guns, society,” Aug. 30) from the Arizona Daily Wildcat appeared in The GW Hatchet Sept. 2 (“Guns don’t cause violence”), two other writers have penned pieces in opposition to my own. Most recently, Adam Brenneman’s article in Monday’s Hatchet (“Sensible guns laws to stop the […]

Guns don’t cause violence

Lora Machel’s article from the Arizona Daily Wildcat reprinted in Monday’s Hatchet (“Cold truth about guns, society,” p. 5) is typical of the left wing’s anti-gun rhetoric. Machel clearly does not understand the purpose of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, nor is her analysis of the correlation between guns and violence sound. […]