Jon Reiling

A.I. not very intelligent

The only thing A.I. (Warner Bros.) is missing is heart. All the other ingredients — snappy dialogue, convincing acting, interesting characters, special effects — are there. Spielberg’s latest fails to offer more than simple intrigue, as moviegoers found themselves walking out before the credits started rolling in its D.C. premiere. It is difficult to understand […]

New CD releases heat up summer months

D-12 Devil’s Night It’s shock-rock packaged for the hip-hop community. Eminem has made a name in recent years by openly assaulting popular convention, celebrities and, in many cases, good taste. He has now decided to explore depravity with a few friends. D-12, also known as The Dirty Dozen, showcases the talents of Eminem’s former Detroit […]

Diary of a Geek Rocker

It’s a geek’s dream. Rocking out, a few feet from Weezer, with singer Rivers Cuomo himself standing so close that you can almost feel his breath as he sings. Who says dreams can’t come true? I stood gazing at giant “W” behind Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson, taking in the flash and pulse of “Say It […]