John McCormack

John McCormack: Steven Knapp v. the First Amendment

Students and faculty have lauded GW President-elect Steven Knapp with glowing praise since his hiring was announced last December. Highly touted for his managerial, academic and financial abilities, Knapp is expected to accomplish great things at GW. What most students don’t know about Knapp, however, are the more troubling aspects of his record at Johns […]

John McCormack: In defense of four-by-four

Transitioning to a four-class, four-credit structure has the potential to improve GW in a number of ways. The four-by-four plan would enable the University to decrease the percentage of part-time faculty and perhaps cut class sizes. Rather than developing a superficial “Wikipedian” grasp of course material under the current system, students could truly master course […]

John McCormack: GW fails pregnant and parenting students

What would you do if GW kicked disabled students out of on-campus housing because they require wheelchairs or Seeing Eye dogs to move around? Shock and outrage would fill the pages of The Hatchet and students would likely erect barricades around Rice Hall, perhaps leading chants of “Hey hey, ho ho, disabled kids don’t have […]

John McCormack: Beyond partisan politics

While campaigning last weekend in western Pennsylvania for my good friend and recent GW grad Mark Harris in his bid for state representative, I passed two middle-school girls playing basketball in a suburban driveway. “Democrats rule!” shouted one, challenging my Mark Harris T-shirt. “Nuh-uh, they’re losers!” retorted her friend. While this sophomoric exchange understandably took […]

Look to civil debate on abortion, not extremism

Last Thursday, Life and Liberty Ministries, a group unaffiliated with the campus pro-life group GW Colonials for Life, came to the University and displayed posters depicting abortions at various fetal stages of human development. CFL does not support this organization’s tactics and had no foreknowledge that it would visit our campus. This event has again […]

Reliance on part-time faculty hurts GW

When GW failed to crack the U.S. News and World Report’s top 50 schools yet again this year, University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg dismissed the importance of our rank at No. 52. Still, the U.S. News rankings do tell an important story, especially if you break down the numbers behind our ranking. One figure, in […]

John McCormack: Give students the power of the purse

On October 1, the Student Association will allocate funds to hundreds of student organizations. Shrieks of injustice will fill the Foggy Bottom air, as students curse the SA for doling out insufficient sums. Thus continues the proud GW tradition of squealing about money. Early reports that student organizations across the board will receive cuts in […]

John McCormack: Past the rhetoric: A fresh perspective on abortion

In the age of the sound bite, meaningful discussion on the most important matters that face this country is often non-existent. Nowhere is this more apparent than the dialogue surrounding the issue of abortion. While most politicians are content to peddle mere platitudes of support for a “culture of life” or a “woman’s right to […]

Column: Aborting debate

A recent Hatchet editorial (“Change tactics,” Jan. 27, p. 4) claimed that “where pro-life advocates have succeeded most substantially lies in their ability to dehumanize any woman who partakes in the (abortion) procedure.” This claim could not be further from the truth. The pro-life movement is rooted in the fundamental truth that all human beings […]