John Krizel

Western wanderer: “Don’t Come Knocking” continues cowboy comeback

Now that “Brokeback Mountain” has reinvigorated the cowboy genre, acclaimed “Don’t Come Knocking” (Sony Pictures Classics) director Wim Wenders turns his camera, as he did with his film “Paris, Texas,” to the American West. Shot mostly in Utah, Montana and Nevada, the film vividly captures the small towns of the West. However, it is hampered […]

WEB EXTRA: ‘Dick and Jane’ have fun with corporate America

One of the best things about movies such as “Fun with Dick and Jane” (Columbia Pictures) is that when you watch it, you can tell how much fun the movie must have been to make. While I enjoy serious films about weighty subjects as much as the next cinephile, it is often refreshing to see […]

Game, set ‘Match Point’: Woody Allen’s latest

Many observers in the movie industry were taken aback on learning that the new film by the quintessential New York filmmaker, Woody Allen, was made in England with a nearly all-British cast and crew. It is perhaps even odder that the film is a serious drama with hardly any jokes. Yet, such is the case […]

‘Proof’ proves praiseworthy

Maybe it is fitting that a movie about a mathematical genius that goes insane is equally as brilliant as it is frustrating. Such is the case with “Proof” (Miramax), John Madden’s adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by David Auburn. The film stars Gwyneth Paltrow (collaborating with Madden for the first time since her Oscar-winning […]