John F. Banzhaf III

Law professor John Banzhaf: End GWU’s smoking gauntlets

It’s time to ban smoking around all GWU building entrances so that students and others will no longer have to run a gauntlet of dangerous as well as unpleasant tobacco smoke every time they enter or leave. Here are a few of the reasons why: Actual measurements near doorways at the University of Maryland show […]

Column: Smoking ban not a survey issue

The Hatchet editorial and article (Feb. 22 issue) about the lack of a formal survey leading to the ban on smoking in residence halls is based on a fundamental misconception. While many issues – like which bands to invite to campus – should be determined primarily by student opinion, the University has the right, if […]

Guest column: The legality of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy

Contrary to the impression created by The Hatchet’s article about GW’s anti-discrimination policy (“ROTC, GW policies differ,” Nov. 21, p. 1), federal law does not necessarily require GW to cooperate with the military’s on-campus recruiting efforts. Moreover, such cooperation appears to be illegal under the D.C. Human Rights Act. However, to date, no advocate for […]

Forum: Flaws could sink harassment policy

At issue is not whether GW should have a permanent and strong sexual harassment policy, but whether it should be based on one adopted after great debate by the Faculty Senate with input from the Law School faculty, or one drafted by an ad hoc committee of people who perhaps share one view. Because any […]

Harassment suit risk reduction

Ensuring that the new GW sexual harassment policy provides sufficient due process protections isn’t just about protecting professors from being wrongfully convicted. It’s also about protecting complainants, witnesses and even panel members from being sued; and protecting free speech in classrooms. As an attorney who has probably filed and won more legal actions aimed at […]