John Dunn

Nine Inch Nails live release offers authentic industrial

There are a lot of bad live albums out there. Re-mastered and overdubbed, a listener can’t tell the difference between the studio and live versions as the energy and emotion of the show is sapped out. But the new Nine Inch Nails live album And All that Could Have Been (Nothing Records) thankfully does not […]

Gore plan offers solutions for young and old

Gore plan offers solutions for young and old John Dunn Few issues impact everyone’s life the way healthcare does. Senior citizens worry about paying for prescription drugs. Parents worry about their children’s care. In every community an HMO has denied someone coverage. Vice President Al Gore offers a clear plan that increases the availability of […]

Hackneyed jokes, dumb ideas plague Sandler’s latest album

Adam Sandler has lost his creativity and originality in his latest endeavor. Stan and Judy’s Kid (Warner Bros.) lacks the inspiration on which previous Sandler albums and movies have thrived. The best song on the album is a continuation of an old Sandler song. “Chanukah Song Part II” gains a few laughs but is nothing […]

Filter demonstrates maturity and style on Title of Record

In 1994, Nine Inch Nails was on top of the music world with its blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional hard-rock instrumentation. But band member Richard Patrick was not content. So, he left. Now, Patrick heads Filter. The band’s first album, Short Bus, sold more than a million copies, fueled by the hit song “Hey […]