John Banzhaf

John Banzhaf: Defending transgender students

The Hatchet recently reported that because a female-born transgender student was allegedly “harassed” by sisters of a sorority and forced to withdraw because he dressed and acted like a man, the Faculty Senate will be asked to “add the words ‘gender or identity expression’ to GW’s Student Code of Conduct nondiscrimination policy.” There are many […]

John Banzhaf: University sexual harassment policy flawed

GW’s sexual harassment policy is very similar to one just found unconstitutional in a very recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit. The court struck down a very similar policy at Temple University even before it was applied in a specific situation. This follows several similar court decisions which suggest […]

Column: Rudeness police

Beware of GW’s new rudeness police; they may be investigating you. Suppose you’ve left GW for the day and are working at an office in a private building off campus. Suddenly someone you don’t know, and who has no connection to GW, barges in. You tell him to leave, and he does. You go back […]

Column: Fighting censorship on campus

“History of Hatchet April Fools’” (April 8, p. 4) omits at least one attempted incident of administrative censorship by intimidation, and misstates (as least as I remember it) another – with continuing consequences to the current Hatchet. Several years ago a parody of a dean in the April Fools’ issue led to a proceeding in […]

Column: Administrators tip line is bad policy for GW

The Trachtenberg administration has quietly mailed to many faculty members a telephone number they can use to lodge anonymous complaints against any student or fellow faculty member. The complaints can be based upon alleged violations of any University rule or policy, or anything the caller thinks might be unethical. The administration has promised to thoroughly […]

Cohabitation, GW and D.C. law

Should residents of GW residence halls be allowed to choose the person they wish to room with, regardless of gender? The answer may depend less on the views of the University or its students than on the law. Contrary to the impression that may have been created, freshmen Kathy Rooney (a heterosexual female) and Clark […]