Joe Laliberte

Joe Laliberte: The best-laid plans.

One year ago this week, I was given the news that my mother had been diagnosed with stage II colon cancer. Suddenly, my carefully laid-out academic plan and my goal to study abroad in Africa became nothing more than scribbles in a one-subject notebook. I contemplated how to piece together this devastating news. Everything in […]

Joe Laliberte: Taking a chance with time away from GW

Last Monday, a day when most GW students were starting their classes in Foggy Bottom, I was 1,758 miles away in Colorado. It was actually about two more miles if you judge for the 10,000 feet of elevation. Instead of taking introduction to political communication or principals of economics, I was at the top of […]

Joe Laliberte: Republicans, conservation must work

Recently I changed my party identification in the state of New Hampshire from Republican to independent. I could have done this for several reasons. It could be the war in Iraq, an expensive health care system, irresponsible spending, a broken immigration system or a party taken over by the religious right. But my breaking point […]

Joe Laliberte: Debating the drinking age

When anyone in America reaches the age of 18, they are legally considered an adult. They are officially responsible enough to open a business, get married, smoke cigarettes, vote and go to war. Yet until they turn 21, they are apparently still not mature enough to have a drink at a restaurant with friends or […]