Joe Laliberte

Joe Laliberte: To whom it may concern

It has come to my attention that your company is hiring for some position that I’m sure hundreds of people have already applied for. I guess I would like to add my name to the stack. In the interest of saving both of us time, here is the cover letter that I would really like […]

Joe Laliberte: Tweet this

What am I doing right now? Well, Twitter, I’m trying to understand how such a trivial concept has become this truncated soap box used by more than 10 million “tweeters” across the world. Why do people think I would care what they are doing at every moment throughout the day? MollyJean is “having a cup […]

Joe Laliberte: Stop the presses: Saving journalism

If you are reading these words, you are one of two breeds. You are either grasping one of those decaying historical artifacts called a newspaper, which tend to include creases, smudges and uninformed writers such as myself, or else you’re reading the online version of our newspaper. If you are the former, you are standing […]

Joe Laliberte: Man’s best friend

I knew the actual reason she was calling well before dawn more than a month ago. I just let it go to voicemail. No mother wakes her college-aged son before the newspaper is delivered for anything other than bad news. I waited to call her back, giving myself those last six fictitious hours with my […]

Joe Laliberte: I’ll drink to that

I love high-quality beer. Not more than a few, but just enough. With it, you are able to raise your nose, along with your glass, slightly toward the sky and project a higher knowledge of a beverage that some say predates the discovery of bread. That’s not why I love it though. It is bold […]

Joe Laliberte: Walk on the wild side

In a campus set amid the bustling city streets of Foggy Bottom, it is hard to find time as a student to escape the city and find that pristine mountaintop or the quiet walk in the woods. For most GW students, the term “wilderness” refers to a hike in the rain across that newly laid […]

Joe Laliberte: For those who cannot

On a rainy Election Day on Tuesday, an elderly woman no more than four and a half feet tall named Elena stepped out of a Red Top cab in Rosslyn, Va., and made her way to her polling place at Fire Station 10, just a few blocks from the Metro stop. As she carefully stepped […]

Joe Laliberte: A not-so-booming legacy

Our generation is, for lack of a better term, getting screwed. The baby boomers, a generation that most of our parents belong to, are going to leave us with well over $10 trillion in national debt. They are leaving us with an environment that is on the brink of disaster. In the prime of their […]

Joe Laliberte: Stopping the smart phone invasion

To: All BlackBerry and iPhone users at GW From: Those of us who do not have a BlackBerry or iPhone Subject: STOP! Your iPhone or BlackBerry might be in your pocket or on the table in front of you as you read this. Please, put it out of arm’s reach for the next two minutes. […]