Joe Gidjunis

Senate upholds rejection of three Robinson appointees

The newly-elected Student Association Senate met Monday night to review President-elect Phil Robinson’s cabinet while the old Senate concluded its term Tuesday with last minute legislation. Senators reviewed Rules Committee decisions on Robinson’s appointees Monday. They agreed with the committee by approving 15 of 21 appointees and rejecting sophomore Dani Greenspan, freshman Graham Murphy and […]

ESIA amenities proposed

The D.C. Zoning Commission rejected a re-worked Elliott School amenity package from GW on Friday, asking for an offer that could be more easily enforced. The board had asked GW for a better offer in March and will meet again Tuesday to decide if GW has complied. Until the city accepts an offer from GW, […]

SA disputes drug question

GW students are joining others around the nation in fighting a law that strips them of financial aid for past or current drug offenses. Question 35 on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form asks students if they have been convicted of possessing or selling illegal drugs while over the age of 18 (tobacco […]

CNN’s Crossfire debuts at GW

A floor-to-ceiling “Crossfire” banner adorns the front of the Media and Public Affairs building. A security metal detector sits in the lobby. The six televisions that greet students entering from the H Street side all tuned in to CNN Tuesday. The nation’s longest-running political debate show has arrived. In its 20th year, “Crossfire” literally entered […]

USA Today honors Kapoor

Student Association President Roger Kapoor may not like being stereotyped as a bookworm, but his academic accomplishments earned him national recognition in USA Today. One of 60 members of the All-USA College Academic Team, Kapoor is classified as one of “the best and brightest undergraduates found on the USA’s campuses” for original academic results, according […]

GW wines, dines connected alumni

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fl.) and University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg schmoozed with alumni to discuss D.C. congressional representation and GW networking opportunities Tuesday night on Capitol Hill. The well-received black-tie event, which was largely a push for alumni donations, was catered with spirits and hors d’oeuvres in an elaborate caucus room with chandeliers and a […]

Singer loses vote and election win

About 1,500 students came out Wednesday to vote in the hotly contested run-off Student Association presidential election between Josh Singer and Phillip Robinson, Joint Election Committee officials said. That is a jump of 25 percent from the first day of last week’s regular election. On Monday, the JEC declared a run-off election three days after […]

Student Court throws out e-mail ballot

Posted 2:50 a.m. March 6- Students will choose between Student Association presidential candidates Josh Singer and Phil Robinson in a run-off election Wednesday and Thursday. Singer contested the run-off in Student Court Tuesday night, but a unanimous ruling allowed the election to continue. The Court decided 4-0 that a vote for Singer cast by graduate […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Singer wins close SA election

Posted March 1 12:30 p.m. Junior Josh Singer’s “Working for Us” slate worked for him. Singer won the Student Association presidential election by a margin of eight votes over junior Phil Robinson, 867 to 859 Friday. More than 2,100 students cast their ballots in the first online elections as Singer took 40.007 percent of the […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Election results delayed

Posted 6 a.m. March 1 Winners for the Student Association, Program Board and Marvin Center Governing Board elections will be announced at 10 a.m. Friday, election officials said at about 4 a.m. after hours of delays counting paper ballots. Expectations for a shorter vote-count process than recent years were dashed as Joint Elections Committee members […]