Jessica Maloney

Getting naughty for the holidays

This week, GW students will attend their last classes and panic about the massive amounts of work to complete for finals. Most people will decline invitations to go out in order to stay home and (attempt to) study. That choice may be a bigger mistake than sleeping through the final review for biochemistry. After sold-out […]

Real blades of glory come to D.C.

Figure skating is a lot like leap year – many only acknowledge its existence once every four years. When the great athlete/celebrities like Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski fade from the limelight, the interest and prominence of the sport dwindle. After seeing Champions on Ice at the Verizon Center last Saturday, it is hard to […]

Joe Queer, still shredding

While D.C. struggled to clear the streets of snow and ice Sunday, New Hampshire pop-punk legends The Queers struggled to get into the city – and not just because of traffic. “We were playing north of Harrisburg and our bus broke down. We drove an hour away to get a rental truck, drove back to […]

Thee Phantom: beyond opera

Classical and hip-hop are two genres of music that are unlikely to show up in the same CD collection, let alone the same song. That’s not a barrier for Thee Phantom, a musician from Philadelphia; he has skillfully blended orchestral music with hip-hop since age twelve. “The first beat I ever made was a combination […]

WEB EXTRA: Aiden Bemoans Lack of Mosh Pits, Silverstein Creates Them

Why do Egyptian Plover birds perch on the bodies of crocodiles? More intriguing is the question of why the crocodiles endure the birds’ presence. The answer is a matter of symbiosis – the croc relies on the plover to get rid of harmful parasites, and the bird depends on the crocodile for food. Similarly, musicians […]

WEB EXTRA: Free: Out of Contact Limbo, Deadsy to Bring the Noise to 930 Club

It seems that whenever the California-based band Deadsy hits the studio, complications ensue. In 1997, the band’s first release was placed on the back burner while the record company changed ownership. In 2002, after a second and third struggle, the debut album “Commencement” was released. The road to a sophomore follow-up also contained its share […]

WEB EXTRA: Homecoming: Good Charlotte rocks Maryland

Maryland-natives Good Charlotte played in Baltimore last Sunday to promote their new CD and to remind fans of their presence. “We have four albums to choose from now,” said guitarist Benji Madden while on stage. The band played two new songs: “Misery” and “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl.” The former sounds as though it […]

Dormroom Awards: mtvU Woodies give you the choice

As a music snob, I’m tempted to dismiss anything MTV does as another marketing ploy to sell bad music to pre-teens and scenesters who don’t know any better, but I stand corrected. On Nov. 2, MTV-U, a channel exclusively for college students, will premiere this year’s MTV-U Woodie Awards. Like MTV-U itself, college students across […]