Jessica Bradley

D.C. DIARY: Japanese culture blooms

April 5, 2001 Franklin Square Park 2 p.m. Newscasters predicted the peak bloom of D.C.’s famed cherry blossom trees to fall somewhere between April 4 and 6, and they were right. I decided to take advantage of a sunny afternoon and check out some of the Cherry Blossom Festival activities on my lunch break from […]

SPOTLIGHT: The beat of the blues

“The blues goes to the heart because it comes from the heart,” -Booker T. Washington. Blues music conjures up images of smoky bar rooms and soulful voices. And while the Mississippi Delta is known as the birthplace of the blues, D.C. has a history rich with blues music. Blues music first developed from black field […]

All the world’s a stage, and a library too

The Folger Shakespeare Library is more than just a library. It is a museum devoted to Shakespeare’s legacy, a lively center for the literary and performing arts and a center for the revitalization of the humanities. The theatre inside the building offers a variety of plays and music ensembles that emanate the times and lives […]

Motherhood 101

He loves to smile, he loves to dance and he likes going for walks, senior Natalie Napoleon said. Napoleon is not describing her boyfriend or even her pet. She is talking about her baby, Laurence Sungmin Wi, born July 2, 2000. He’s just the cutest baby there ever was, Napoleon said. He is my life. […]

Sweets, treats in a heartbeat

Hungry for a snack? Need an ice cream fix? GW students are now calming their midnight cravings via the Internet. A new Web site,, boasts being the first company to deliver of all your entertainment and convenience needs directly from the Internet to your door, desk or dorm in less than an hour. Joseph […]

Risky business

Mentioning heart disease usually conjures up images of older people, not young adults. But teenagers and people in their early 20s may also be at risk for heart disease, according to statistics and research from the American Heart Association. By altering unhealthy behaviors early young people may be able to cut their chances of facing […]

Fraternities with a forward twist

Several fraternities at GW focus on furthering the professional goals of their members as well as enjoying social activities. At GW there are chemistry, business, engineering, honors, community service and band fraternities, most of which are coed. Some share similarities with their traditional counterparts, like rush periods where members pledge and are initiated. “It’s the […]

WRGW’s millennial groove

“I didn’t even know we had a radio station.” That was freshman Eileen Kickish’s reaction when she was asked about WRGW, the University’s radio station. Sophomore Molly O’Sullivan said she knew the station existed and even knew a couple of its 150 staff members, but never actually listened to it. The people behind WRGW say […]

GW honors minority women

Latinas Promoviendo Communidad organized the first GW Minority Women’s Week to celebrate minority women’s achievements and highlight their issues. “We wanted to unify the minority women on campus and work with other women to see how we related to each other’s cultures,” said junior Katherine Weil, LPC public relations chair. The activities, which began April […]

Women find identity on history’s new stage

At GW’s Mount Vernon campus, the “Women and Power” program is working to establish a community where women are encouraged to develop their full potential and explore their relationship with the world around them. The yearlong residential living and learning program, established this year, welcomed almost 30 freshman women in a variety of majors and […]