Jesse Strauss

Valuable lessons learned as EVP

Serving as executive vice president of the Student Association this year taught me a lot about GW. However, the three most important things I learned are the three rules of government characteristic of my generation. Because the leaders of student government today are the leaders of real governmental institutions in the future, these rules will […]

Hatchet editorial was a ‘crying shame’

As the paper of record for the University, The GW Hatchet’s Feb. 8 editorial “Crying Wolf” was a crying shame. Tuition will go up. As an organizer of the rally, I acknowledge and accept that. If the point of the rally was to prevent a tuition increase, The Hatchet is correct that it would have […]

Line-itemization would unveil secrecy

When Student Association President Carrie Potter and I took the helm of the SA in May, we inherited an organization with both organizational and institutional problems. To President Potter’s credit, she has solved many of the organizational problems. Her administration is tackling others, such as our dysfunctional student group finance process. But the more profound […]

Next year’s SA will be different

As we wind down one year and get ready to start anew May 1, I am taking the opportunity to give everyone an update from inside the Student Association. The colorful posters and annoying palm cards are now a distant memory. We are engulfed in the hard, if less visible, work of governing. This year’s […]