Jesse Demastrie

Forum: Tax cut benefits few

During a time of economic recession further tax cuts are not the answer to solving our nation’s problems. Instead, the money that would go to tax cuts must be used for a national prescription drug program and improved childhood education programs, as well as health care programs for those in need. President George W. Bush […]

Forum: Treaty protects U.S.

President George W. Bush has recently sought to persuade Russia, through meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to replace the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with an accord that accommodates missile defense. Bush also says that if no accord can be reached within six months, rather than violate the treaty, the U.S. would give the required […]

Forum: Federalize air security

Is air travel a national security matter? After the tragic events of Sept. 11, government officials have made air travel security a most prominent issue. After closing airlines for days, in some cases weeks, and attempting to improve the current status of air travel security, the federalization of airport screening personnel and procedures is the […]

Forum: Dissent key in democracy

Jesse Demastrie While it is imperative during these hard times to stand behind our president by giving him the support he needs to lead us out of this wreckage and confusion, we must not lose sight of those rights we hold so dear. Our freedom of speech and freedom of expression must not end here. […]

Forum: Bush’s cuts hurt American interests

While Republicans are celebrating the 100-days landmark, the country’s women, environment, workers, children, homosexuals, teachers, minorities and senior citizens are suffering at the hands of President George W. Bush’s disastrous policies so far. Bush’s budget cuts funding for nearly all major programs to allow room for his tax cut plan and a planned repeal of […]

Forum: Aim for racial diversity

A U.S. District Judge in Michigan ruled that the University of Michigan’s law school admissions standards are unconstitutional because they use race as a basis of admission. The judge said using race as a basis to assemble a racially diverse college atmosphere was not in the state’s interests. This ruling increases existing inequalities and threatens […]

Forum: System leaves juniors jaded, homeless

The new housing lottery plan formulated by the Residence Hall Association and the Community Living and Learning Center, or “housing selection” as it is now being called, leaves most juniors hopelessly scrambling for housing. With the new program initiated this year, rising juniors and seniors pick last, after rising sophomores. Certain halls are reserved for […]