Jessalyn Pinneo

Military mom gives gator aid

As the occupation of Iraq enters its third year and both resources and morale are being stretched, Americans throughout the nation continue to rally energy and materials in an effort to uplift the troops. One such person is Mary Skelton, the mother of a GW alumnus and soldier, who started what has become The Gator […]

Macs to the max

“Are you a Mac person or a PC person?” For more than 20 years, this question has become as common – and to some people, every bit as important – as, “Are you married or single?” “Would you like white or wheat?” “Scrambled or sunny-side-up?” Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in […]

Students protest Marvin Center dedication

When asked to name a building on campus, one of the first that comes to mind for most GW students is the Marvin Center. It’s where much of the undergraduate population eats, hangs out with friends, attends meetings, spends hundreds of dollars on books and sometimes studies. It’s such a central part of life at […]

Prohibition taps the keg dry

Bootlegging, beer-flats, speakeasies and moonshine – all terms connected with the 15-year period beginning in 1918 when the federal government and the American people were engaged in a perpetual tug-of-war over drinking alcohol. Remembering this period in American history may make those old enough to remember it grimace, and the very idea is enough to […]