Jennifer Nedeau

Column: Toward a greener GW

For GW students, springtime exposes the blatant lack of “green space” on campus. Before I came to the East Coast, spring, summer, winter and fall didn’t mean anything drastically different. However, in my two years of exodus from the land of the eternal summer, California, more important than a change in temperature is that spring […]

Column: The Catholic Church: Time for an update

As a child who had rulers held to my knee to measure the length of my uniform skirt, who had to memorize the Holy Mary in three languages and who has watched the energetic priests and nuns of my parish wither away into tired and wrinkled servants of God; 15 years of Catholic education has […]

Nearly two-thirds of adults overweight

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The freshman 15 has made its way to Congress. However, this freshman is not in college yet, he is just about to have his 16th birthday. According to the U.S. Department of Health, over 60 percent of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. However, one senator from Iowa is […]

Column: Election analysis

The votes are in, the ballots cast, the posters taken down, and yet the three-ring circus also known as the Student Association election continues. With continuing violation hearings being held for Audai Shakour and Ben Traverse after the ballot count, it seems that the final curtain has yet to be drawn. Instead of the candidates […]

Column: Women’s leadership at GW

Five obnoxious Brits dressed up in short skits and go-go boots flashing peace signs and cleavage to screaming 12-year olds. A self-proclaimed feminist standing under a spotlight spouting off about her lower genitalia and charging people for it. Having the most popular use of the word “first” associated with “wife.” These are the images of […]

Column: Fix the housing debacle

It’s that time of year again when friends and current roommates fess up to the fact that each can’t stand the other’s music, one is too messy, one too loud and those treacherous words must be uttered: I can’t live with you. Well thanks to GW, now you can avoid all the discomfort of figuring […]

Facebook faces lawsuits, competition

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Only one year after the launch of the most popular online college directory, faces lawsuits and competition from mock Web sites trying to get on board this Internet phenomenon., a similar online directory Web site launched more than two years ago at Harvard by three sophomores Divya Naredren and twin […]

Column: Reclaiming a generation’s activism

Uggs. The “O.C.” Starbucks. Reality television. AIM. Camera phones. The Internet. iPods. Are these going to be the defining the characteristics of our generation? Moving along the assembly line of arbitrary titles handed out in society, “Generation Y” has yet to prove itself a presence worth remembering. The only thing large and in charge about […]

Cost of education rising as Bush reduces budget

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The warped existence of college life usually consists of creative ways to inject caffeine into an overworked body, underground music sharing, constant colds and the adventure of doing one’s own laundry. However, today students may have to consider forfeiting the “best four years of one’s life,” if the costs become too steep. […]

Column: Appreciating humility

To add a bit of charm to the daily interaction with GWorld receipts, I will often say to the clerks when they ask for my signature, “Hold onto that, I’m going to be famous one day.” And we both smirk, me thinking, “God, do these things really come out of my mouth?” Them thinking, “How […]