Jennifer Nedeau

Jennifer Nedeau: A delicate academic balance

Adding a sub-heading to GW’s name, such as “Vocational School for the West Wing Wannabes, 2040 Presidential Candidates or Future Replacements Once Judy Woodruff Gets Too Old for TV” might help communicate a more honest description of what GW is: a trade school for political and media junkies. The obvious perk of going to GW […]

Column: Progressives on the rise

Shh. It’s coming: progressivism is back. Slowly, but aggressively, our generation is coming together to make sure our tomorrow is something decided by us, rather than by the grayed-haired Viagra users currently in power. In D.C. over the summer, a movement within our generation began to take hold in the name of progress. In addition […]

Katrina’s other impact

Hurricane Katrina has destroyed thousands of homes and the lives of millions of people, leaving upward of $25 billion in damages. The most terrifying consequences, however, may be the awareness this natural disaster gives about the pathetic state our country is in with regards to poverty, the environment and cuts in federal funding. New Orleans […]

Column: A University blueprint

Starting off in college is comparable to having a hangover: it’s a little rough at first, but you hope it was all worth it. However, to make sure you are ready to handle it, I have compiled a few key terms and issues to make sure you’re up to speed from day one. First, there […]

Column: Summer in the city

Unlike typical college students who drift through lazy mornings in the dorm cafeteria, participate in late-night shenanigans running through the quad and never take classes before noon, GW students fill their time running between classes and internships or skipping lectures to hear a panel of media pundits spout off about the latest Washington concern. Indeed, […]

Column: A brave new blog

Freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by the U.S. constitution, but with traditional methods of protest and expression of opinion becoming more and more obsolete, it’s no wonder that many people find standing around with signs poking into the air a waste of time and symbolism. However, the first amendment is back in action […]

Column: What are we looking for?

It’s the secondary education Catch-22: does one go to school to receive an education or go to school to find a job? Unlike the utopian ideal of the collegiate academic experience where days are spent scouring library stacks, debating political theory with friends and professors living and breathing their subject matter with their students, GW […]

5 months after election, Kerry speaks about voter fraud

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – More than five months after the 2004 Presidential election, former candidate John Kerry has introduced an electoral reform bill to the Senate and begun to speak about how voters in last years Presidential election were denied access to polls through trickery and intimidation. “Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, […]

Column: Toward a greener GW

For GW students, springtime exposes the blatant lack of “green space” on campus. Before I came to the East Coast, spring, summer, winter and fall didn’t mean anything drastically different. However, in my two years of exodus from the land of the eternal summer, California, more important than a change in temperature is that spring […]