Jenna Green

DragonForce brings fantasy metal flair

After depleting my cache of Loretta Lynn, Third Eye Blind and Of Montreal, I thought I had run out of ways to be ironic with my musical tastes, but my fears have been answered by the theatrical antics of DragonForce, a British fantasy metal band. At this point, you might be asking yourself what fantasy […]

Ludacris defies stereotypes in D.C.

When my editor called me Thursday night with the opportunity to see Ludacris in concert and visit his tour bus I said what any other college student vaguely familiar with his singles would – “Hell yes!” I spent the rest of that evening telling anyone within earshot that at this time tomorrow, I would be […]

WEB EXTRA: Braff bores in The Last Kiss

Confession: I didn’t mind “Garden State” the first time I saw it. In fact, I almost enjoyed the college-age oriented montage of fancy camera shots, the 20-something angst, and the slow, emotional soundtrack following Zach Braff’s crush-worthy character. I’d also like to stress the phrase “first time,” because five minutes after my roommate popped in […]

Paxton brings golf to big screen

Disney’s newest big-screen film, “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” features a lower-class 20-year-old golf amateur struggling to prove himself to both the snooty gentlemen’s world and his unsupportive father. Under Bill Paxton’s direction, the film inches along a predictable path characterized by class struggle, a transition from youth to manhood and the determined protagonists’ eventual […]

Redefining College Rock

Scrounging for cash is nothing new to Bethesda rockers Kenin. Fresh out of Duke University, lead singer/guitarist Sean Gaiser and drummer Devin McGaughey formed Kenin about four years ago and said they’ve kept their day jobs to get by. The well-blended mix of acoustic guitar and dominant rock on Kenin’s fourth album, Just Another Blast, […]

The Fiery Furnaces: Putting on the heat

Interesting, but random – this is a good way to describe many of the Fiery Furnaces’ songs, which involve pirates, Spain and of course, blueberries. When asked where the inspiration for such offbeat material comes from, guitarist Matt Friedburger recently told The Hatchet, “I just think of silly things, whatever will sound funny coming out […]

Concert previews: Talib Kweli & Dogs Die in Hot Cars

THURSDAY Talib Kweli w/Saul Williams 9:30 Club $25 Talib Kweli, whose name means “student of truth,” lives up to this title on his recent effort The Beautiful Struggle, an effortlessly smart and infectious album that sends one hand to the air and the other to the encyclopedia. You’ve probably heard Kweli name-checked by a mainstream […]