Jeffrey Parker

WEB EXTRA: In Stores and On-Sale

Swan Lake “Beast Moans” Jagjaguwar SUPERGROUP COMES OUT WITH SINGLE OF THE YEAR Okay, maybe not. Swan Lake is a supergroup to a certain group of people (it’s comprised of Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown, Dan Bejar from Destroyer/New Pornographers, and Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes), and “All Fires” is a single insofar as […]

The Hatchet’s College Music Journal

At this year’s College Music Journal Music Marathon, I decided to take a cue from CMJ’s name and keep a journal of my four days at the festival. Wednesday: bus ride, Tom’s Diner and Steve Earle So there I was, wandering through Prospect Park, Brooklyn, trying to figure out just what I was going to […]

GW takes over the Woodies

“I think it’ll be a lot more guys with a lot more hair and a lot less gold and platinum, and maybe better music, I don’t know.” Los Angeles underground rapper MURS was the first one down the red carpet (which wasn’t red so much as black and sparkly) at last Wednesday’s MTV-U Woodie Awards, […]

New season of “The OC”: so bad, it hurts

When the DVD with “The Avengers,” the first episode of the new season of “The OC,” came into The Hatchet’s office last week, I picked it up, figuring I’d check it out and then let someone else write about it who cared more about the show than I do, or maybe not have an article […]

The Protestant Ethic and Rock

“I’m not gonna thank God, because I don’t think He has anything to do with this,” Wilco singer Jeff Tweedy said concluding a litany of appreciations near the end of his band’s sold-out show at 9:30 Club last Thursday. “This is unholy.” This was the only thing Tweedy got wrong all night. In her book […]