Jeffrey Parker

Soulful singer in a country band

“‘Drunk Kid Catholic!’” “‘Arienette!’” “‘The City Has Sex!’” “It’s a new song,” says the thin man on stage with shoulder -length raven hair. “It’s on our new album.” The crowd murmurs something not quite approaching approval, unsure of what to think. They wanted the hits, if that’s what you could call them. And so it […]

“The world is really gonna love you”: the Dears’ Murray Lightburn contemplates his place in the universe, New York City

Murray Lightburn enjoys Jay-Z’s new record, the American version of “The Office,” and the food channel, but right now he’s not thinking about that because he’s stuck in traffic. “My car hasn’t moved in ten minutes,” he says. “I’m on my way to Philadelphia, passing by New York off of I-95, and it’s totally blocked, […]