Jeff Frost


Long Story Short: They call him the Daywalker. He’s half man, half vampire. He’s dedicated his life to hunting the latter. Unfortunately for Blade (Wesley Snipes), his job is about to get a lot harder. Unfortunately for the vampires, Blade has a really cool sword. Alan Says: For the past four years, people have been […]

THE MOVIE BUFFS: Better of Dead

Movie: Better Off Dead by Jeff Frost and Alan Siegel Hatchet Arts Reporters Long Story Short: As if life in the ’80s wasn’t bad enough, it just got worse for sensitive guy Lane Meyer (John Cusack). The love of his life just dumped him for a jock. On top of that, he has a drug […]

The Movie Buffs check out American Psycho

The story: It’s the late 1980s and Patrick Bateman is a high-powered stockbroker on Wall Street. He works mergers and acquisitions. Or is it murders and executions? Both actually, because he’s your normal Wall Street-type during the day, but at night he roams the streets perpetrating random acts of violence. Alan says: When I first […]