Jason Steinhardt

Steiny signs off

I started writing this back in January. Back then I wasn’t such a procrastinator. I’m breaking my number one rule in column writing – there is nothing that irks me more than a column writer who writes about himself. But I’ve paid my dues, so deal with it. For five months my last statement has […]

Hatchet interviews pompous Dashboard Confessional

He’s a man in hiding. Pretentious enough to believe he is the voice of his generation but also timid. Chris Carraba veils himself in the moniker Dashboard Confessional, a name whose soul is his alone. Employing simple song structure, stripped down acoustic sounds and a slew of heartbroken lyrics, Carraba has made a name for […]

Confidential records disposed of incorrectly

More than 250 Elliott School student folders containing sensitive information and marked “confidential trash” turned up in a newspaper recycling bin outside FSK Hall last weekend. But University officials said they are unsure how the records got there. “I haven’t a clue,” said Tony Dillard, coordinating manager for General Services. Dillard, who oversees Housekeeping Services, […]

V-Day Guide: Mixing it up on Valentine’s Day

Hey fellas, if your girl wants to get buck wild, then go back and hit her up style. Thursday is Valentine’s Day and rather than bore you with my take on the holiday (see the Feb.12, 2001 Hatchet), I’ve decided to offer a little practical advice to the lucky ones who have a Valentine, but […]

GW sells Prometheus to Cornell co.

GW and Cornell University began competing on the online class software market four years ago. GW’s Prometheus program racked up 65 university customers while Cornell’s Blackboard captured 2,200 clients and spun into its own corporation. The two companies are now one, after GW sold Prometheus for an undisclosed amount Jan. 8. Blackboard will now operate […]

A New Day, A New War: America fights back

When President George W. Bush debated former Vice President Al Gore on national television last year, he promised his foreign policy would avoid nation building – constructing a government with people who may or may not want assistance. Two months following the opening of U.S.-led strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, it appears he has […]

brief: Golf Tourney to raise money for GW

The GW Athletic Department will sponsor the third-annual Coca-Cola Colonials Athletic Club Golf Tournament to benefit GW athletics Thursday. at Virginia Oaks Golf Club in Gainesville, Va. The entry fee is $150 a person, and individual sponsorship is $500 a hole. For more info, contact Dom Perno at 994-9005, or by e-mail at dperno@gwu.edu. -Lauren […]

Staff Editorial: Opening National

President George W. Bush announced Monday that flights will resume from Ronald Reagan National Airport Thursday. This news comes as a relief to thousands of misplaced airport and airline workers and area businesses deeply wounded by the three-week shutdown of the District’s closest airport. Travelers, too, are elated that flights will resume, even if only […]

Never on Friday: Force right response for terror

Last week The Hatchet received a slew of letters regarding retaliation for the terrorist attacks at The World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But not one outlined reasons why America should strike back with force. Arguments for diplomacy are not realistic for what we face. We should use force against governments that brutally repress women […]

Column: Glitch causes late night

We have all experienced it at some point in our collegiate careers. Imagine a 24-page paper you labor over all semester long that includes well-written prose, a carefully planned out presentation and a special colorful insert that will enthrall your class and professor. Imagine two days before the due date, a groundbreaking event takes place […]