Jason Sherman

Katzenberg ventures into risky territory with new film

Jeffery Katzenberg, the man who reinvented Disney animation with The Little Mermaid, left the company in 1994 to start an ambitious studio, DreamWorks SKG. Katzenberg paired up with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen to create a company that would focus on creativity, not just dollars and cents. They thought it would be a great place […]

Exodus story loses impact in animated version

It’s a cartoon. And The Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks) is a good cartoon. You could call it a film, but it’s closer to Fievel Goes West than The Ten Commandments. DreamWorks will try to tell you it’s an event, an extravaganza that will reinvent the world of animation. But the film never surpasses mediocrity. The […]

Men’s Atlantic 10 Preview

Perhaps the saying “steady wins the race” is not without truth. In an age when stars abandon the college game for the NBA, the Atlantic 10 has retained 24 of the 35 starters that played in the NCAA and National Invitational tournaments last season. With five teams making NCAA appearances in 1997, this year should […]

Hungry Hungry Hippos bring an appetite for ultimate frisbee to GW

No shirt, no shoes – that’s fine, but how about a dress? Welcome to the counterculture known as ultimate frisbee. With music in the background and people wearing anything from women’s clothing to traditional athletic gear, this game relies as much on its social traditions – or lack thereof – as on the sport itself. […]

Families get a taste of University life

GW families crowded into local hotels and restaurants last weekend to take part in the University’s annual Family Weekend. “We want (families) to enjoy the events on campus, to enjoy the city and to learn where their family member is going to school,” said Rodney Johnson, director of parent services. Johnson said the event promoted […]

Lousy character development plagues The Imposters

In this faintly comedic film, writer, director, coproducer and star Stanley Tucci (Deconstructing Harry) tries unsuccessfully to reclaim the vaudeville era in The Impostors (Fox Searchlight Pictures). Tucci teams up with Oliver Platt (Simon Birch) to form the duo of Arthur and Maurice, two actors looking for work during the Depression. In a funny opening […]

GW Votes registers 500 students to vote

The Student Association and Residence Hall Association paired up Tuesday to register 500 students to vote in November’s D.C. elections. Organizers reached their goal, registering 200 voters Tuesday afternoon and 300 more at an evening registration drive in the residence halls, SA Executive Vice President Jesse Strauss said. “Because most students don’t vote in the […]